Alternatives to Painting and Wallpaper for Your New Home!


In the last article about wallpaper and painting we talked about reasons why you would want to avoid using traditional paint and wallpaper in your new home. These included the bland nature of monochrome paint schemes, the commitment to a specific wallpaper, and so on and so forth. There are many more reasons why one would want to shy away from the traditional painting and wallpaper. (Besides, if you decide to do anything other than monochrome when it comes to color, you are in for a lot of time and effort on your part). So, to get around these problems, we have come up with another list of paint and wallpaper alternatives that you might like to use in your new Boise home.

Floor to ceiling photographs

This idea is very closely related to the murals from the last article, but the difference is that a large photograph will cost less (in most cases) and take less time than a mural. There are many many options when it comes to full wall photography so you need to take a look at all them yourself. Just be sure that it matches the existing color scheme in your home and that you are willing to look at it every day. Depending on the kind you get, removing the photograph may also be easier than other options. However, there are some photograph manufacturers that make their products harder to remove than others. So, it just matters what you buy and who you buy from.

Wall Decals

In short, wall decals are giant wall stickers. Wall decals are an ‘in’ thing right now when it comes to interior design. They are a very cheap and a very effective way to decorate your walls. You can find decals that are simple, decals that are complex decals that are colorful, and those that are not. You can find them at almost any home improvement store or department store. There are also a lot online that you can find. All you need to do is to buy a good decal that will complement your current décor and slap it up there. However, make sure to put it up straight. One mistake and you could have to re-stick the whole thing.

There are also decals that are themed around TV and movie characters if that is your thing. So, the possibilities are endless. There are decals for even the most eccentric interior designs. They should be pretty easy to take off after you are done with them and want to change them out for another, but be sure to read the instructions first so you know what you can and can’t do with them.

Pattern Rollers

Pattern rollers are a popular thing on social media nowadays. There are many tutorials on how to make your own and plenty of websites where you can buy them as well. They are, simply, paint rollers that are textured and patterned to put interesting and unique patterns on your walls. They are a way to liven up your painting to make it much more exciting. Some of the ways that people have made textured rollers includes buying a normal paint roller and wrapping it in rubber bands. When you paint with this sort of roller it makes nice thing vertical lines up and down the wall. Another idea is to wrap a roller with bubble wrap. This is a great idea for a goofy or silly design.

Textured Paint

Textured paint is a really fun way to decorate your walls. This can come in many forms. There are certain paints that are designed to be painted on like regular paint but dry textured. Then again, there is always the possibility of hiring a professional painter to do it if you don’t want to take the time. This will also ensure that everything is done right (which also means that you can choose something more complicated that you may or may not have been able to do by yourself. Not to mention it will probably be cheaper for you depending on the paint that they use and the price of labor.

Textured paint will give your walls a more three-dimensional look which is its biggest advantage over regular paint. It is a lot less of a commitment than wallpaper but still, gives your room a great look.

Wall Stencils

A wall stencil is the perfect middle ground between wallpaper and an intricate paint job. Wall stencils are just like spray paint stencils and the stencils you use on paper, except they are much larger and attach to your wall. The way you use it is pretty simple. You do one or two coats of a neutral color on your walls and then let it dry. Next, you will attach your stencil and paint over the stencil to leave behind the design. You then peel that off the wall and then attach it to the next section and start again. This will give you room the look and feel of a custom paint job but without all the painstaking hours of effort.

There are tons of different brands and kinds of wall stencils with infinite amounts of designs so really all you need to do is pick one that matches your décor and the personality of your room.

So there you have it, a few more ways you can avoid using wallpaper and monochrome paint in your home. If you haven’t seen the first article in this series, you better check it out because there are a few other great ideas that you can take advantage of. But again, these are not all. Keep looking for something that fits your home and décor that will agree with your budget. Remember, this is your home, you need to be happy with it, so keep searching. If you need more help, contact us at the Hughes Group for more info on how to get your new home looking sharp!

Whiteboard or Chalkboard

If you are more of a creative person, or you just like to leave yourself notes, then maybe you should consider a whiteboard wall or a chalkboard wall. These will not only be a quick and easy way to decorate your wall, but it will give you plenty of space to write notes, do some art, or play games. Not to mention, if you decide to go with a whiteboard, you can use it as a backdrop for a projector.

The installation of these walls is pretty simple and can be done pretty quickly. There are several different ways to convert a wall into a whiteboard or chalkboard wall, each with varying degrees of cost. There are whiteboard and chalkboard paints that can be put up without much hassle. Then again, there are slates that can be mounted on the wall as well as sheets that can be put up.

Wallpaper in a Frame

Wallpaper in a frame is a bit like using wallpaper but without the commitment. You essentially apply wallpaper to a thin board and then frame it. You can do this with any size and shape of frame and can be used both scarcely and abundantly. This is a great idea for someone who is trying to test out a kind of wallpaper before they put it up. It is also great for someone who is living in a rental and can’t do much in the way of paint or wallpapering. However, it also gives the decorator a lot of creative possibilities. For instance, not only can they choose the wallpaper but a frame that accents and or compliments the décor.

Hang Pictures

This may sound like a copout answer, but really it can be a pretty good option, especially if you aren’t sure on exactly what you want to do. Pictures can add personal flair and beauty to a room with minimal effort and damage to the walls. You can use them in any room on any wall in any number and arrangement. The possibilities are literally unlimited. And, even if you don’t have the budget for frames, you can always do frameless canvas type pictures, build your own frames, or even buy discount frames. Pictures also give you a pretty interesting advantage over the other options because the adage of less is more is 100% true when it comes to pictures — a few pictures can do more for a wall than a large number of pictures, fancy paint, and accessories combined.

Pegboards and Accessory Walls

This idea is great for a workroom, workshop, craft room, garage, or really any room that you use tools. Pegboard panels and other accessory walls allow you to use your tools and various supplies as décor instead of hiding it away. Not to mention it also makes the room much more user-friendly since you can now see and find everything with ease.

In this same spirit, there is also the possibility of lining your walls with shelving units. This makes it so you don’t need to decorate your walls since they will be covered. There are also some wall covers that allow you attach different kinds of shelves, hooks, handles, and so forth with ease and then detach them in just about the same amount of time. This makes for a versatile and productive space.

Murals on the Walls

Murals are great for people who like indie art because it allows them to cover an entire wall in either their art or someone else’s. It is a great way to let out your inner painter or to help out a local artist. The deal you make with them will be dependent on the artist, but it will be a benefit for them as they can now add that to their portfolio and to you because you will have a whole new piece of art you can enjoy.

You can also contract your wall out to an artist to draw a non-original piece. Say you love the Boise Foothills. You could contact a local artist to paint those on your wall. Or if you are a fan of a TV show, you could have your favorite characters painted up there as well.

That’s all we have for today, but stay tuned for more awesome alternatives to wallpaper and painting and if you want to learn more about real estate in Boise, be sure to call one of our awesome agents here at the Hughes Group.

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