Agriculture Is Booming in Idaho Real Estate

Posted by Kevin Hughes on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 1:39pm.

Idaho AgricultureWhether a buyer is thinking about agriculture or not, the reasons for buying Idaho property are beginning to pile up.  According to the Coincident Index published by the  Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Idaho's economy has been outpacing the rest of America since 1992.  In fact, 3,000 of Idaho's formerly unemployed went back to work in April of 2011 alone.

Factor that in with natural beauty, the bustling cultural and arts community and some of the most productive land in the country, and voila.  Idaho becomes a great place to live.

Over Four Million Acres and Growing
For those buying Idaho land for farming or animal husbandry, there are plenty of buying opportunities.  Idaho is serious about agriculture.  In fact, if Idaho didn't export its leading crops, each Idahoan would have to eat the following every single day to keep up:
          11 loaves of bread
          44 potatoes
          2 pounds of cheese
          1 lb. of onions
          1 lb of beans
          1/2 a pound of beef

Idaho FarmlandOther little-known facts about agriculture in Idaho include:
Over 8% of Idaho land is used for agriculture.  That's 4,269,330 acres of land.

Anyone who likes trout is in the right state!  Over 70% of trout eaten in America comes from Idaho.

There are hundreds and hundreds of agriculture listings for Idaho real estate.  Many farms and ranches for sale are already up and running, pasture lands and subdivisions, are all ready and waiting for perspective buyers.  If 600 acres is a bit too much land, there's always the option to purchase smaller lots for a hobby farm or just to live quietly.  

Idaho is also eco-friendly.  Many of the fisheries use geothermal energy, 40% of Idaho land is covered in trees, and there are 232 organic farms officially registered with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture Organic Directory.  Now is a good time to move in for those buyers interested in going green.     

A Very Private Idaho
Many people know about Idaho's reputation for turning out potatoes.  But Idaho has another hot commodity:  privacy.  Privacy is easier to come by in Idaho than in many  other states.  To put this into perspective, here are a few population figures from the 2010 census:

Philadelphia, PA:  1,547,297
Phoenix, AZ:  1,601,587
The entire state of Idaho:  1,567,582
In such a fast-paced, Internet world, privacy is at a premium, and Idaho has it in spades.  In short, there's plenty of room for people interested in buying Idaho real estate.  Farming, ranching, living; Idaho has it all.

For anyone looking to purchase land for agriculture, Idaho is a wonderful place to grow.

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East Bay Homes wrote: Interesting article! Good for you guys putting 3000 AMERICAN workers back to work! And there is nothing wrong with staying close to the land either. Keep it up! Posted on Thursday, June 16th, 2011 at 7:47am.

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