A View of Idaho State University

Idaho State University is located in Pocatello, ID.

Idaho State University's main campus is located in Southeast Idaho near I-15. It has easy access to the Pocatello Regional Airport as well as I-86. It, also, has outreach programs in Couer d'Alene, Idaho Falls, Boise and Twin Falls.

Medical ProfessionsISU Programs
ISU offers a wide range of programs from performing and visual arts to engineering to education. However, its most notable programs are in its 30 health professional discipline fields such as pharmacy, physician assistants and nursing. It is the location 
of several residential programs including a pre-doctoral training residency for dentistry.

To aid in the medical programs, ISU has human simulation labs. These labs contain 'sim-humans' that replicate actual human beings. These 'sim's can be programmed to mimic a wide variety of medical complications enabling the students to gain experience with rare diseases as well as more common procedures.

ISU Continuing Education
ISU has a long history of working with older students who are part time and live off campus. They provide programs for professionals to continue their education while keeping their current employment.

Though the percentage of part-time students is decreasing, the college still provides flexible programs to meet a working professional's needs.

ISU History

Idaho Pride

ISU has gone through several name changes since it first opened in 1901 as the Academy of Idaho. As the enrollment of the college grew, it changed to the Idaho Technical Institute in 1915. 

During the 1920s, it adopted the bengal tiger as a mascot. This is usually credited to the fact that one of the early coaches was from Princeton whose colors are black and white and, also, have a tiger for a mascot.

In 1927, it had another name change to become the University of Idaho – Southern Branch.

In 1947, it evolved again into Idaho State College and became a four-year school. However, it wasn't until 1963 that it finally received the name of Idaho State University.

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