A Thursday Night in Boise, Idaho


Boise, Idaho is no stranger to artists and performers, and arguably the greatest of these shows occur at the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts. The Morrison Center, located in Downtown Boise, has seen performances from the Boise Philharmonic, Ballet Idaho, Harry Bellefonte, Bill Cosby, David Copperfield and Josh Groben. While the Morrison Center has seen countless other performances, from broadway shows to BSU productions, it is last night's performer, one of America's favorite comedians, Jerry Seinfeld, that I'd like to go into some detail.

It was the first show I'd ever gone to while living in Boise, though not the first show I'd seen overall. My past experiences with live performances with household names like Jerry Seinfeld came with it memories of horrid traffic jams, long wait times, and crowds of people. I didn't know what to expect. The night started off better than I could have imagined, even commuting from Nampa, Idaho, a half hour drive away. The commute into Boise using Interstate 84 was smooth and fast with non-stop traffic through Meridian, onto the Boise connecter and finally to Broadway Ave, all during 5:00 traffic.

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There was ample parking, and though it was a fair walk to the entrance of the Morrison Center, Boise came through with a lovely evening breeze perfect for the cardigan and walking the dog, which I saw a lot of from the upper level of the Morrison Center where a lovely view of the rushing Boise River, the Greenbelt, and hundreds of trees was enjoyed by those of us waiting to file into the hall.


As I sat waiting from my floor seat, about half way from the stage and to the back of the hall, I watched as droves of Boiseans came filing in and toward the designated seats printed on the front of their ticket stubs. The hall filled completely up by the time 7:00 arrived, and when the lights dimmed and the pleasant music came to a halt, the crowd roared with approval as Jerry Seinfeld himself came running toward the mic in a black suit and red tie.

Watching Jerry Seinfeld perform was like meeting up with an old friend. The old friend from our oldie but favorite, the NBC hit sitcom from the '90's, Seinfeld. Everyone rose to their feet and hollered and cheered and clapped for several minutes before Jerry could deliver his opening.

I was hoping Jerry would have a word or two to say about our favorite city, Boise, Idaho, and he came through to the roaring approval of the audience. His first words, rushed and enthusiastic, "Boise, Idaho!" reverberated through the outstanding sound quality in the hall and was met with cheers, claps, and applause. I was thinking how fantastic it was to live in a community with such a strong, unified love of the city, and to be recognized by a Hollywood icon such as Jerry Seinfeld, who went on to say that he hadn't been to Boise in a few years, and oh, how it's become such a, "happenin' place!" The crowd roared with clapping and whistles. He went on to complement our city with adjectives such as "beautiful," before making the observation that Boiseans all carry smartphones and coffee. Which of course, led into his first bit about the American's need to hydrate.

I could go on and on detailing Jerry's 70-minute stand up routine, which had the hundreds of us laughing from start to finish, but for the sake of brevity, I'll just have to strongly recommend the next time Jerry Seinfeld comes to our beautiful city, be sure and grab yourselves some tickets. Boise, Idaho is the perfect mid-sized city to see talents such as Jerry Seinfeld, without having to deal with horrendous traffic or crowds of unruly people. I was back in Nampa before the sun dipped below the horizon line.


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