A Plus of New Construction: Picking Your Lot


When thinking of makingan area real estate purchase, new construction offers many exciting, personalized options for homebuyers. If buying an existing home is about finding the perfect home, new construction is all about making or building the perfect home; it's far easier to make something to your exact specifications rather than find something already made that's exactly what you're looking for. We'll explain how nice it is to pick your own lot for a new construction home and how to effectively do so.

Benefits of Choosing Your Lot

Imagine you find a home with what you having been searching for all over area real estate and it's on a lot that doesn't quite fit, perhaps because it's not a convenient size or location. That isn't just a possibility, but a likely probability during your pre-existing home search. If you want to build an acreage, then your home will be exactly where you want it to be. You also can choose a lot--where it is located in the neighborhood--a seemingly small, but rather significant decision that won't already be made for you. What you're shooting for is to find a lot that's as much "you" as the home.

Lot Considerations

interior_den_sm_300Of course, when finding a lot to build on, price very much affects your decision. Going hand-in-hand with price is lot size--you need to have, at the very least, enough room to build your house on or more if you want a decent-sized yard. Just any lot won't do, however, it needs to have power and utilities and be safe from fire and flood danger. You will want to ensure that the topography is friendly to building and that water doesn't slope into where the foundation will be laid.

One of the fun parts of lot picking is deciding where you want to be in the neighborhood you've picked. Your agent will help you know what's available and you can decide whether you want a home in the middle or the street, cul-de-sac, or corner. Be aware of how traffic, shade, and other aspects will affect your area real estate home. You want to think of everything--including what is or will be next door, how long it takes to get out to the street, and more. As you likely will be selling your area real estate someday, consider how your decision would affect selling your home in the future. Once you have the right lot, you've cleared a big hurdle and made the home even more personalized.

The rest of the process isn't a breeze, but with an awesome lot you're on the right track for having a wonderful piece of area real estate. By using the same smart critical-thinking processes that you utilized to find a suitable lot, you can make wise decisions on every step of the way. Lots in Boise are relatively inexpensive and located in a breathtakingly beautiful city. Find a Hughes Group real estate professional today and see what lot has your name on it!

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