A Few Fun Things to do in the Treasure Valley


The best part of Idaho (aside from the tasty potatoes) is the variety of entertainment that can be found. The Treasure Valley is full of activities for all ages! If you want to step out of your comfort zone, or bring you friends along for lasting memories, check out some of the fun your community has to offer!


Horseshoe Bend has introduced the newest attraction, Zipline Idaho, for all those looking for a three-hour day thrill. Starting at $90 a person, the crew at Zipline Idaho work hard to make the day the best it can be. They provide all the safety equipment needed, as well as drive you up to the ropes course. There is little walking or hiking involved. The course takes you up and down the beautiful Boise National Forest, and you can accelerate up to speeds of 50 MPH! This is a great time for all who go, and should definitely be on your to-do list!

Floating the river

The Snake River provides more than just great atmosphere; it also allows for a great summer treat whether you be just casually floating with friends or professionally learning with kayak or raft. The best place to start your day is at Barber Park. There is a shuttle service that can be utilized, just search the City of Boise web page to find which route is nearest you! The Ada County Parks & Waterways is a shop that provides all forms of rentals, including rafts, kayaks, lifejackets, and much more. The best place to end your day is Ann Morrison Park which is 6 miles from Barber Park. There are 3 separate places you can stop and visit if you’d like including River Quarry, Marden Bridge, and Julia Davis Park. This makes for a busy day, so don’t forget your life jacket!


If ziplining just wasn’t enough adrenaline for you then check out the Treasure Valley’s DZone® Skydiving! Located in Star just outside of Boise, DZone® works with adrenaline junkies and first-time fliers alike to give the best and most fun sky diving experience in the Treasure Valley! They are taking reservations starting in April of next year for only a deposit of $80! There are three different heights you can soar to:

· 11,000ft $248.00 ($148 After Deposit)

· 13,000ft $268.00 ($168 After Deposit)

· 15,000ft $308.00 ($208 After Deposit)

For those that are interested but wary, they offer tandem diving! You will be strapped to your instructor at 4 different places, and trained shortly before taking to the sky! You will have full communication with your instructor the whole time and there will be “minimal expectations” from you. This is an all-day activity that gets your heart going! Call the crew at DZone® and make your reservation today!

Roller Drome

Opened in 1948 and still kicking is Nampa’s very own Roller Drome! Birthday parties, private parties, fundraisers, hockey leagues, and so much more, the Roller Drome is the place to be! The Drome is located at 19 10th Ave South, Nampa ID, 83651, and is available to all ages ranging from 3-70! Admission prices are $7, with rental prices at $2. The best way to take full advantage of the fun to be found is visiting the website at www.namparollerdrom.com, or to call them at (208) 466-9905. Stop by and see just why they have been alive and kicking for 68 years!

Meridian speedway

The Meridian Speedway is an Old Town Meridian classic! Showcasing regular races each weekend with an assortment of special events scheduled throughout the season, it’s a fun time for children and adults alike! Prices vary depending on what kind of event you are wanting to see. Gates open at 4 pm, and the actual events start at 6. This event makes for a long evening, but can be so intense you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time! Different food vendors create an atmosphere you won’t want to leave, and after the races, the drivers will often stick around for the whole group to meet. This is a great time that will leave your ears ringing and heart racing!

Givens hot springs

Givens Hot Springs is a “place of interest” you won’t want to drive by! Established in 1881, this indoor hot spring is a treasure hidden in Melba, Idaho. The springs are built up to resemble an indoor pool completely heated by Idaho’s prevalent hot springs! Givens is open 7 days a week from noon to 9 pm, and is priced as follows:

· Ages 3-12: $5

· Ages 13 and over: $8

· Seniors (60-90) : $5

· Children 2 and under, and seniors 90 and over: FREE!

For those who want to make a weekend of the trip, Givens is also a campground! Regardless if you tent camp, have your own RV, or are interested in staying in one of Givens’ quaint cabins, there are options for you! The prices vary depending on what you’re wanting, so feel free to visit the website at www.givenshotsprings.com

This barely covers the most fun things your treasure valley has to offer, but that’s ok! Some of the best times are had when your friends and gather together and find activities of your own to discover. So get out there and start exploring all that your Treasure Valley has to offer you!

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