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Idaho's diverse terrain and rugged landscape are home to some of the most beautiful wide-open spaces and picturesque landscapes in the United States. With over 4.5+/- million acres of designated wilderness, the state is full of natural wonders, including Shoshone Falls, one of the largest waterfalls, Crater's of the Moon, and Hell's Canyon, known as North America's deepest river gorge. From the northern panhandle, where miles of wooded hills and massive lakes cover a majority of the territory to the south, dominated by agriculture fields along the Snake River Plains, Idaho's beauty knows no bounds.

Idaho is an entrance to endless outdoor recreation possibilities ranging from hiking, biking, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, backpacking, and…

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Idaho is among one of the most underrated travel destinations in the United States. Full of miles of rugged, raw natural beauty, this picturesque state calls to nature lovers and avid outdoors enthusiasts alike. As the warm summer months approach, Idaho becomes a hub for outdoor recreational pursuits. The dense green forests of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and remote location offer an excellent alternative to closer-to-town hotspots.

This relatively unknown paradise is considered Idaho's best-kept secret for its miles of virtually empty hiking trails, crystal-clear alpine lakes, and towering snow-capped peaks that add to the spectacular scenic mountain country. The Sawtooths are a year-round recreation destination with access to everything…

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Idaho is full of miles of uncultivated land and incredible scenic routes that make their way throughout the beautiful backcountry of the state. An adventure's paradise, Idaho is home to at least 34+/- marked scenic byways that tour the natural landscapes and lead to popular destinations. Discover rugged mountains, millions of acres of wilderness, towering peaks, and crystal blue alpine lakes and rivers to explore at your own pace. Whether you enjoy an immersive wilderness experience or capturing Idaho's unspoiled beauty from afar, the scenery is sure to exceed expectations!

Northern Idaho

Idaho's natural beauty and unique geological features set it apart from any other state. To the north, you can find an incredible selection of alpine summits…

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Gardening can be a fun and profitable activity. We’ve all had those moments where we are missing an ingredient or two and running to the store can be costly and time-consuming. Plus, it can be a bit daunting to think that not all produce is treated the same- some have healthier growing conditions while other may have had pesticides and other chemicals sprayed on them throughout their growth. For those who want to eat homegrown products but don’t have the budget to buy organic fruits and veggies, starting up a vegetable garden may be just the ticket to eating fresher ingredients at a fraction of the cost.

Setting up a garden can take some time, but it is a fun activity that can prove beneficial. In Idaho, the first thing you may hear when…

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Idaho is an amazing state. It is one of the most underrated states in the union and is brimming with interesting things in its history, landscape, and culture. So, here are a few fun facts about Idaho that will surely make you want to visit.

1. Idaho’s Nickname

As most states, Idaho has a nickname and, like its southern neighbor Nevada, the Silver State, Idaho’s nickname pays homage to some of the beautiful minerals that are dug up here. What is Idaho’s nickname? It is “the Gem State”. Idaho is a great state for mining, there are precious, semi-precious, and nonprecious materials mined all throughout Idaho making it a destination for all geological enthusiasts. However, the nickname has a double meaning. For some, Idaho is the Gem State…

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If you’ve ever thought that Boise was for the birds, then you were right! Birds are big in Idaho. Aside from the birds of prey protection area, there are also dozens of different species of birds that call Boise home. So, if you are in to birds, come enjoy what Boise has to offer.

Birdfeeders are big in many communities and Boise is no exception. Boise’s plethora of birds makes it easy for even armchair bird enthusiasts to appreciate these beautiful specimens. For this reason, there are many kinds of bird feeders that you can buy and put in your yard to attract them—however, why spend a lot of money on something that you can make with simple items around your home? The following is a list of do it yourself ideas for simple birdfeeders that will be…

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So, you’ve finally done it, you’ve bought your dream home -- complete with all the trappings and features that you’ve ever dreamed of. You’ve gone through the rigmarole to buy or build the home and now, with it finally full of your boxes and luggage, you start to unpack though soon that is over and everything has its place. This then brings you to the next challenge of coming into your dream home, decorating. Decorating can be quite a chore. Pictures, figurines, paintings, and other such decorations can be expensive, especially if you are buying them all in one fell swoop. Not to mention it can be a bit nerve-wracking to bring things home over and over again to see how they fit overall. But eventually, you will have it complete and it will be…

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An often-overlooked city only about 45 minutes from Boise is the historic Idaho City. It is beautiful, filled with rich history, and has so much to offer. It is a great place to escape from your troubles from the week, and it is located within the mountains and through the trees. Experience the history and beauty of this small town through tours, museums, dining experiences, old-time photoshops, and more. Whatever it is you end up participating in over in Idaho City, it is sure to be fun.

Idaho City offers you the experience to step back in time. Have you ever wanted to know more about America’s Wild West, particularly how Idaho was involved in America’s frontier and gold rush? Well, this is the place to go.


Back in 1862, Idaho City…

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So, you have decided to move to Idaho? Idaho is quite a wonderful state with a lot of great features to offer, but unless you have lived in Idaho before, or have visited often, there is probably a lot you do not know about it. Here is a little introduction for you, in order that you might know some more about what Idaho has to offer you. Something to get excited about, as well as one or two things to be aware of.

If you do not already have employment lined up for when you get here, have no fear. Idaho has a large and diverse pool of different kinds of jobs that are just waiting for you to snatch them up. Of course, agriculture is a huge part of the state (There is a reason it is so well known…

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We love technology. We especially love today's nifty high-tech gadgets that make living at home even sweeter. The turn of the century had the idea of a smart home introducing a whole gamut of new tech products that were specifically designed to enhance home living, igniting tech enthusiasts and homeowners everywhere. Technology has really focused its efforts on designing products specifically tailored to improve home living, and we're always on board with that.

Here we'll look at some of the coolest, craziest and most innovative new home gizmos to hit the market for every room in the house.


Your thermostat isn't the only programmable device in your house. The latest shower technology offers a line of cutting-edge programmable…

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