Need New Flooring? Why You Should Choose Hardwood

Need new flooring? Why you should choose hardwood

When you are remodeling your home, you’ll always be looking for ways to save some money. It’s a constant battle of give and take. If you want that granite countertop, there might just be something else you have to give up. When it comes to your flooring, however, you shouldn’t compromise.

You want flooring that will last; it needs to be durable. When you think about it, you use the floors of your home everyday. You walk on them, sit on them, put furniture on them, and they can even be the finishing touch that ties your entire home together. For flooring with character, durability, and low maintenance, you might want to consider hardwood flooring.

Hardwood is Clean

Everyone likes carpet. Well, almost everyone. But it’s no surprise. Carpet is comfortable, soft, looks great, and easy to keep clean. Right? Maybe not. Sure, you can always vacuum your carpet whenever it gets dirty, but have you ever thought about what the vacuum doesn’t get? No matter how much you vacuum your carpet, dust, germs, and pet hair can get stuck in the fibers.

Hardwood solves that problem. It’s a smooth surface, with no place for dust, germs, or pet hair to get stuck. It’s easier to clean, and it stays cleaner, because there are no carpet fibers for germs to hide in.

Hardwood is Low Maintenance

If you’re like me, you’ve always worried about installing hardwood. It just seems like a lot of work to keep it looking good and well maintained. Turns out we both might be wrong. Of course, hardwood is going to cost a lot more than carpet. But that extra cost is worth it. Hardwood gets sealed with a protective finish. This helps keep your floors looking their best, while also making them incredibly stain resistant.

Now, hardwood can get scratched and damaged. In high traffic areas, you will notice scuffs, scratches, and dents. But, you don’t have to replace the hardwood like you would with carpet. Instead, you can simply refinish the hardwood. Sand it down, smooth it out, and refinish it. You’ll never have to replace the hardwood, because it can always be refinished.

Hardwood is Sustainable

You never thought that your flooring could be helping the environment, did you? Hardwood will change your view on that. Hardwood is an incredibly abundant flooring option, and it’s highly renewable. Because it lasts so long, it doesn’t impact forest growth, either. On top of that, hardwood can last a lifetime. You don’t need to replace it like you would with carpet. Simply refinish your hardwood floors, and they’re as good as new.

Hardwood is Beautiful and Valuable

If you want to add character to your home, there’s no better option than hardwood floors. And, it never goes out of style. Hardwood is timeless, and because of the variety of trees used to create it, you can get incredible grains to add that extra pop to your home. You’ll have a unique home, with beautiful flooring that will last a lifetime.

Hardwood can also add value to your home. Think about why you’re installing hardwood. You didn’t like the carpet or other flooring that already existed in the home. If there had been hardwood floors already, would you be replacing them? The answer is probably not. Hardwood floors can actually sell homes. They are incredibly popular, beautiful, and valuable.

While hardwood floors can be expensive, they are a worthwhile investment. They are clean, sustainable, and beautiful. Instead of having to replace your flooring in ten years, like you would with carpet, you can simply refinish your hardwood floors. When you look at in the sense that you’ll never have to replace your floors again, hardwood becomes a very cost effective option. It might cost more now, but it will save you money in the long run, and it might have just upped the value of your house.

Enjoy Your Floors

If you’re looking at replacing the flooring in your home, you should strongly consider installing hardwood floors. They add character and beauty to your home, and they can tie the entire space together if you install the flooring throughout. Hardwood is relatively low maintenance, and if it ever gets worn or damaged, you can simply refinish it. You’ll never have to replace your floors again. That alone should be reason enough to install beautiful hardwood floors in your home.

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