7 Unique pieces of furniture to consider


If you are looking to make your home the talk of the town then you need to get your hands on some of these awesome pieces of furniture. Instead of going with the ordinary, everyday things, why not go for something much more exciting. Today we’ve listed our top 7 favorite pieces of furniture for you. Keep an eye out for these the next time you are looking to fix up your house.


This piece of traditional Japanese furniture is a great new addition to your home. The Kotatsu is a spin on the idea of a coffee table, but instead of it just being a normal table it also has an electric heater attached to the underside of the table top. That way, if your feet are underneath the Kotatsu at any time they will be nice and toasty. This was invented because the traditional Japanese did not use couches or anything of the sort very often; this meant they sat on the floor most of the time. Since the piece requires sitting on the floor, knees and legs would usually be underneath the coffee table and that was how the idea for the Kotatsu came about. You can also buy square blankets to go with your Kotatsu. Most Kotatsus have two table tops so you can drape the blanket over the Kotatsu and sandwich it between the two tops, that way the heat is trapped underneath the blanket and warmer for those sitting around the Kotatsu.


Hammocks are great fun to have around the house. These aren’t that strange pieces of furniture unless you start looking for ways to bring them inside. Then you are crossing into a more unique territory. You can use them instead of mattresses, hang them in a reading nook, or just put them up instead of couches. Whatever you choose however, your home will be a great place to ‘hang’-out.

Beanbag nest

A beanbag nest is an idea that has been pretty popular around the internet lately, but hasn’t been really implemented all that much. Essentially, you just buy a bunch of beanbags and put them in a confined area so that it is like a nest of eggs. You can then lie down in the nest and be completely surrounded by soft plushy beanbags. It is great if you like soft couches or having a bunch of pillows around you when you sleep because it is essentially a giant pillow nest.

Couch pit

Couch pits are an interesting fusion of architecture and furniture. Essentially it is a sunken area that is lined with couches all the way round (aside from the entrance). This way, all your guests can see each other instead of being directed toward a television. It is great for those who either don’t have a TV or just want to have a more guest centered experience for those who come over to their homes. There are various different couch pit designs including simple circular couches as well if you don’t want, or don’t have the means, to dig down into the subfloor.


If you want your home to have an antique feel to it, then a wardrobe is the best way to do that. While wardrobes haven’t been used in American homes since permanent closets were instituted, you can still buy them in various places to spice up your home. They are great for older homes especially to as they can match more vintage or even antique styles. It is also great for those who are big fans of the Chronicles of Narnia.

It is important to remember that wardrobes can be expensive, especially if it is an antique. However, if you have the budget for it and want one then, by all means, go for it. Your room will look greater for it. You can usually find wardrobes at places like thrift shops, consignment stores, and antique stores. You can probably also find some on the internet as well. If you have enough money you could have one custom made for you by a local woodworker.

Transformable furniture

This is an interesting category since there really aren’t limits to what you can do with it. In essence, transformable furniture is any piece of furniture that can perform two or more functions. They are very useful, especially for those living in cramped spaces. Some of the interesting ones that we have seen are coffee tables with a top that lifts off the frame on a hydraulic system and can be pulled closer to the sofa as to act like a lap desk. There are also ottomans that serve as coffee tables, a seat for guests and even storage. Some even have all those features! Then, of course, there is the classic hide-a-bed where you can pull a mattress out of your couch. Those are great if you have guests that need to stay overnight.

Expandable table

This could easily be put under the transformable furniture section, but it is so cool that it deserves its own category. Now, expandable tables are not a novel idea. There have been expandable tables for years; all you would need to do is undo a few latches pull the two halves apart and put in an extra leaf or two depending on the size you need. However, there are some new expandable round tables that are pretty interesting. Instead of having to pull pieces apart to add more pieces in-between, these tables, when rotated, break apart on their own and the extra pieces are raised up from underneath and brought flush with the original tabletop making it much larger than it was. Then, when you are done, you can rotate the top the opposite direction and the pieces return to their storage position underneath the table.

All in all, there are more pieces of wacky, strange, and unorthodox pieces of furniture than you can shake a stick at so you are definitely not limited to what we have listed here. If you want more ideas for your home, to know more about homes in the Boise area, or are interested in knowing more about real estate in general, then call us today at the Hughes Group. Our trained and licensed real estate agents would be happy to take your call and help you out in any way they can.

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