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7 Tips to remember as you start searching for your Idaho home

Starting out on a search for Idaho real estate is a big step. Many factors make it a huge success or a long-term failure. These 7 tips will help anyone have a more successful real estate search whether you are looking in Boise, MeridianNampa or Eagle

Boise, ID Home

1. Create a budget

Money matters when embarking on a property search, so it is important to know financial capacity. People often walk into a home search with little knowledge about what they can afford. Fannie Mae suggests a mortgage payment of no more than 28% of your gross monthly budget. Don't forget about down payment, closing costs, homeowners insurance and taxes. Also owning a home means upkeep. Having a budget and a plan for all items limits financial surprises.

2. Review Your Credit Report

Knowing what lenders see beforehand can help create a less stressful situation. Are there errors or inaccuracies? Knowing these ahead of time creates an opportunity to correct them, before you're sitting in front of a lender.

Boise Depot Pond, ID

3. Research Idaho Real Estate


Using an internet tool like multiple listing service (MLS) helps research which neighborhoods are most suitable. What are the comparable prices in the area? What school district is the property in?


Identifying what features are most important is crucial. Properties run the gamut. Homes for sale in one Nampa neighborhood may all have big backyards but properties in another might not. 

4. Manage Emotions

Don't fall in love

Falling in love with a property makes it more difficult to be objective. Glaring flaws can be overlooked by rose-colored glasses, which may end up costing you a lot in the long run. 

Nothing is perfect

On the other hand, no Idaho home for sale is perfect. Focusing exclusively on what is wrong is unproductive. Who cares about the paint color in a room or an ugly light fixture, these are inexpensive fixes. But some things are permanent. Small rooms never get any larger no matter how they are decorated, without extensive remodeling. 

5. Find the right Realtor

Realtors spend their lives learning about the communities in which they live. Armed with a list of most important features, a Realtor can make looking for an Idaho property much easier. 

Boise, ID Home

6. Hire a home inspector

A home inspector provides an objective viewpoint about a potential home. The inspector spells out any issues with the property and gives advice about what is small potatoes and what is a potential deal breaker. 

7. Have a realistic timeline

Getting into a new home has many variables including selling a current property or lease length on a current rental. Some things can happen independently like getting credit pre-approved. Other things are contingent on each other like selling a current property before signing papers on a new home. A timeline is a way of organizing all these variables. 

By following these 7 simple steps, your Idaho home search will go much more smoothly. Kevin Hughes

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