6 Things You Should Know About Living the Country Life


For some, the city is all they need, with shopping, dining, and entertainment all at their fingertips. Others have decided that the hustle and bustle of urban America can be left behind in favor of wide open spaces. If you are one who prefers rural homes and properties, here are 6 simple things to consider while gearing up to move:

1. Homes and property in the country can be less expensive due to property taxes. In the Boise area, this is definitely true, as in other rural areas of Idaho. Although as a whole you may spend more money purchasing a home that is located away from city life, there is generally more of your home and property to get excited about. It is common for a home with acreage to sell for thousands of dollars less in Canyon County than property for sale in Ada County and other more metropolitan areas of Idaho.

house_double_story43_sm_3002. If your personal situation is changing and you need property for room to grow or just want a place where you will be able to enjoy the benefits of acreage, homes and properties in country neighborhoods are easy to find. From farmland to country subdivisions, the possibilities are endless. The trick is deciding how much acreage is needed, and how much land is too much to handle. Talk to others who have similar interests to determine your needs. A good real estate agent will also be a valuable resource as you search for the perfect homes and property.

3. Living in the country will lend itself to a serene lifestyle that sounds ideal. But before deciding to cut your ties with the city, remember that you will also distance yourself from amenities and resources that you have become accustomed to. Be sure you are ready for more mileage on your vehicle and a longer commute time that comes with homes and properties in the country.

4. The neighbors you will have in your new rural community will be able to tell you the secrets to living the country life. If they have lived there for any length of time, they could be an extremely important resource for you as you are gathering the information you need about rural homes and properties. Neighbors make a big difference in your future contentment, so before making an offer on that property for sale, talk to a few of the locals!

house_double_story37_sm_3005. When you are certain you have found the right property for your needs and have looked at all the homes and properties that interest you, consider the landscaping and upkeep for a rural home. Homes and property that are more than half an acre may require special planning so that the bulk of your time will not be consumed in upkeep and maintenance. Keep your landscaping goals in mind as you select the right property for your needs.

6. One of the major advantages of living away from the city is that you can accommodate horses or other farm animals right at your home and property. There are many benefits to holding your animals on your piece of land, but it is especially nice to know that you do not need to landscape beyond the fencing needed to contain your animals.

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