50 Things That Make Idaho Great!


In no order of importance, here are 50 reasons Idaho is an awesome place to live.Idaho is truly an amazing place to live. As a long time owner of property in Idaho and Idaho resident I have truly fallen in love with this remarkable state, and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

  1. Wildlife: Idaho is haven to tons of wildlife with many reserves to visit. Idaho is home to the largest naturally surviving Elk herd in the world.
  2. Ghost & Mining towns: Due to the gold rush days of Idaho, you could spend a lifetime pursuing all of the state's historic ghost towns and mining towns.
  3. Hunting: The best in hunting is in Idaho, where there are more square miles of wilderness than anywhere in the lower 48.
  4. Summer resorts: Choose from over 50 summer resorts for your next Idaho vacation.
  5. Boating: Idaho is home to lakes, reservoirs, and rivers that offer boating opportunities of all kinds.
  6. Scenic Byways: Enjoy extraordinary scenic value along Idaho's high country, mountain passes, & desert canyons.
  7. Lakes & Rivers: Over 3,000 miles of lakes, and home to a number of beautiful lakes that offer breathtaking views of scenic Idaho and vast outdoor recreation.
  8. Parks: Idaho has 30 state parks, including the City of Rocks National Reserve.
  9. Historical Sites: There are over 155 historic places in Ada County alone.
  10. Whitewater Adventures: More whitewater miles stretch across Idaho than anywhere in the lower 48 states. Between April and November, any skill level can enjoy over 3,000 miles of rafting for 1-8 days.
  11. Skiing & Snowboarding: Idaho is your premier destination for winter sports. Enjoy skiing at famous Bald Mountain, Bogus Basin near Boise, and Brundage Mountain Resort near gorgeous McCall.
  12. Fishing: Idaho has some of the best fishing in the west, including Steelhead trout and Chinook salmon.
  13. Natural Attractions: Idaho is home to countless natural wonders, including geological formations, green forests, and a waterfall higher than Niagara (Shoshone Falls).
  14. Extreme Sports: If you're looking to take outdoor recreation to the next level, Idaho is your place. The state's incredible geography and wide open spaces allows for hang gliding, base jumping, cyclocross, and bouldering.
  15. Bird Watching: There are 371 bird species that have been spotted in Idaho. The vast Snake River Plain, sagebrush deserts and juniper-covered mountain ranges of the southwest are home to a number of fabulous birds.
  16. Rock Climbing: Idaho is home to many established climbing spots, including the City of Rocks National Reserve.
  17. Winter Resorts: Idaho contains several world class winter resorts to make your winter a memorable one.
  18. Hot Springs: Popular soaking spots dot the state with full-service resorts for all.
  19. Golfing: Enjoy world-class resorts and little known municipal gems.
  20. Scenic Views: Idaho is indeed the scenic state, with some of the most beautiful views in the entire world.
  21. Low Cost of Living: Idaho ranks below the national average.
  22. Mountain Biking: Idaho offers both remote mountain trails and desert back roads extending beyond 19,000 miles of trails.
  23. Weather: Idaho boasts excellent four seasoned weather, offering a diverse climate with cold and warm temperatures. Southwest Idaho boasts mostly sunny days and tolerable winters.
  24. Camping: The camping opportunities in Idaho cannot be counted. The state is teeming with beautiful sites all throughout the state.
  25. Culture: Geography has shaped most of Idaho's culture. Idaho has a rich fishing, and skiing culture. Idaho is both urban and rural with a large mix of people from different ethnic backgrounds.
  26. Farms & Ranches: Idaho is a large, spacious state with numerous beautiful farms and ranches, adding to Idaho's unique western personality.
  27. Tourism: With Idaho's unique history, inviting cities, and recreational opportunities, tourism is a huge part of Idaho's economy.
  28. Mountains: The wild and beautiful Idaho mountains are plentiful and offer world-class recreation. There are 80 mountain ranges.
  29. All-Age Activities: Idaho is teeming with opportunities from swimming to outdoor resorts and more
  30. Forests: Most of Idaho is public land, and the state is sprawling with healthy, beautiful and productive forests.
  31. Unspoiled Land: Idaho encompasses wild lands that contain almost all native plant and animal species that have been here since the Lewis & Clark expedition.
  32. Horse Riding: Guest ranches and outfitters offer miles of trails to enjoy from the back of a horse.
  33. Low crime: Idaho's crime rate is the lowest in the west. Serious crime rates are 21% lower than the national average.
  34. Unique: Idaho produces 72 types of precious and semi-precious stones. Some found nowhere else in the world.
  35. Boise: Idaho's state capital has landed on "Best Places" lists numerous times.
  36. Canyons: Hells Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon.
  37. Amazing Attractions: Idaho has a number of excellent attractions, some of them unrivaled by any other state. The Bruneau Dunes for example, has the largest single-structured sand dune in North America.
  38. Peaks: You can look into four states from the Seven Devils' Peak Heaven's Gate Lookout.
  39. Road Biking: Idaho is a biker friendly state, and Boise is one of the top cities for bikers in the country. There are stretches of trails and greenbelt systems for all levels of biking.
  40. Backpacking: Idaho's backcountry will provide you with the best views of outdoor splendor you could ask for. See wildlife in their natural habitat.
  41. Museums: Idaho has an inventory of museums to satisfy any history buff. These museums strive to preserve the state's rich history.
  42. Animal watching: Idaho offers the opportunities to watch animals in their natural environment. See white-tailed deer, elk and moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, mule deer, antelope, cougar, wolves, and a spread of small critters.
  43. Canoeing: Idaho is the prime backdrop for the canoer. Near cities all throughout the state, there are miles and miles of streams and reservoirs to explore in your canoe.
  44. Local events: Idaho is dotted with events in the arts, entertainment, celebration, fair, and music categories.
  45. Historic Trails: Idaho is paved by many historic and legendary trails such as the California Trail, Lewis & Clark, Nez Perce, and Oregon.
  46. Potatoes: The potato is a huge part of the global food system, and Idaho potatoes are the most delicious, and famous.
  47. Fly Fishing: There are more than 26,000 miles of fishable streams in the State of Idaho. It's not hard to find a great stream. Try Henry's Fork, St. Joe River, Salmon River, and Silver Creek near Boise.
  48. Photography: Idaho is your backdrop for taking scenic photos. The opportunities for snapshots are numerous and rewarding.
  49. Caves: There are amazing and adventurous caves throughout Idaho. Try Craters of the Moon for a start. These caves are the result of corrosion, solution, and lava.
  50. Idaho Real Estate: Homes for sale in Idaho have the distinct advantage of being near all of the aforementioned reasons that Idaho is great.

    There are many, many more things that make Idaho such a great place to live. To learn more of them ask your real estate agent or any Idaho resident what Idaho means to them.

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