5 Ways to Decorate for Fall in Idaho

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and fall is in full swing here in Idaho. The trees have gone through a metamorphosis, transforming from shades of green to bright reds, yellows, and oranges. As the seasons change in Idaho, there are many things found naturally throughout the state that people can use to help them decorate and get ready for the holidays. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

  1. Use Natural Decorations: Many towns in Idaho, including Boise, have access to a lot of natural options for seasonal, fall decorations. With farms scattered throughout the state, it is easy to find people selling hay bales, corn stalks, and various gourds. Another option is to go outside and collect leaves to use to bring the outside colors in. These things are season specific without being holiday specific, and can transition and last from the beginning to the end of Fall.

fall_decorations_sm_3002. Think About Buying Local: Another advantage that comes with living in Idaho is having the opportunity to know, if you wish, exactly where your food is coming from when planning a holiday celebration. There are local farms that sell everything from organic, free-range turkeys to locally grown, organic vegetables. Creating an entire holiday meal from local products supports the area economy and helps small businesses keep producing high quality goods.

3. Think Outside of the Box for Dinner: When it comes to choosing what the main course should be on Thanksgiving, many people go straight to turkey. However, there are other options out there that can be a fun change. Game hens can be cooked in a similar manner to turkey. They are also cheaper, smaller, and cook faster. Giving each person at the table their own game hen dressed to look like a turkey on their plate is a whimsical alternative to the usual holiday fare.

4. Highlight Uniqueness With Decorations: A lot of homes have architectural quirks that make them unique -- little nooks and ledges on the interior, front porches with interesting railings and stairs, or landscaping that can be easily customized with decorations to fit the season. With a feature like a front porch, think about framing the stairs and the front door with cornstalks, or even using hay bales as a replacement for regular outdoor furniture. Small nooks can be a great place to arrange gourds and leaves.

fall_trees_sm_3005. Have Fun: The holidays are often stressful enough without worrying about creating the perfect combination of food and atmosphere. The best thing to do is just enjoy the season. Think about decorations that would make you happy to look at, and food that you will have a good time serving. Use what you have in your own backyard, or things that you can obtain easily from area farms, and most importantly decorate in a way that you will enjoy.

Holidays in Idaho can be fun and unique simply because of the options that exist here when it comes to decorating and creating a menu. Taking a cue from nature and getting creative can make this fall, holiday season even better.

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