5 Upgrades to Consider for your New Construction Home

Boise Luxury Bathroom
People looking for a new home in Boise are often looking for new construction homes; something to suit their specific housing needs. This is often the case for the surrounding areas as well, such as Meridian, Eagle, and Nampa. When considering a new construction home, there are many upgrades that need to be added even before the foundation cement is poured. Below are five upgrades many prefer to consider when building a home.

Whole House Internet Wiring

While wireless is always an option after a home is built, it is not as secure as wiring down the entire house for Internet usage. Unsecured wireless (unencrypted) can be “piggybacked” by outside users, and hacked by advanced users. Secured “wired down” Internet ensures that your connection is solely yours. This has to be added at the “frame stage” of building the house.

Boise Walk-In ClosetFlat Panel, Cable and Power Drops

Flat screen televisions are great to have in the master bath, bedrooms, and even the garage. Wherever people choose to relax with their favorite shows, or have “do-it-yourself” shows playing while working on a project, it's a pleasant addition to many rooms in the house. By adding the cables and power drops at the “frame stage,” homes can have all the good looks of a flat screen without all the unsightly power cables all over the walls.

Extra Closet Storage Shelving

This is important to consider prior to the “paint stage” of new construction homes. Many people need shelving to make organization easier in closets. This can help avoid accidentally putting a nail through a pipe within the walls.

Gas and Electric Drops for Kitchen Cook top for Island Counters

Boise Designer Kitchen

It's nice to have a cook top island counter, whether it is gas or electric. This is a popular feature in many new construction homes as it adds maneuverability and ease of flow in the kitchen. In order to have this special feature in the home, the builder needs to know this during the project planning stages to make arrangements for this added bonus.

Adding a Bathroom

An additional bathroom is important, especially for home-based businesses, or if you ever need to convert an extra room into a bedroom. This is a great addition to formal rooms or the study. This upgrade needs to be placed prior to pouring the cement.

New construction homes throughout the country can be custom built to specific needs of the residents. Check out new construction homes by searching on our website, or view today's new listings to find a home already built suited to you.

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