5 Things You May Not Know About Your Idaho Realtor


Understanding your Realtor can make all the difference between a smooth home-buying or home-selling experience and one that is full of tension and frustration. Here is some insight into who these business professionals are, and what they do for you.

Idaho Realtors are qualified and educated in their field. Since their initial licensing, they are required to keep their Real Estate license updated by enrolling in relevant classes annually. Some agents additionally enroll in optional classes, just so they can remain on the cutting edge of the real estate trends in the market.

Idaho Realtors work for you. Although every Realtor is associated with a specific brokerage or company, you are their temporary employer. Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is in every realtor’s best interest to give their best effort to meet your needs; they only get paid if the home you are selling or purchasing closes.

boise_down_town1_sm_300Idaho Realtors work hard behind the scenes. Although they are not compensated for every minute they spend at their job, realtors are on the go. From preparing themselves to show homes to clients, preparing legally binding documents, and even washing their vehicles, a lot of time is spent thinking about the home purchasing or home selling process. Most realtors work nights and weekends, just so they can be available to those who need them.

Idaho realtors must use their time wisely. Many times these professionals spend hours driving clients around and looking for homes that will fit their specific lifestyle and tastes. Realtors spend hours each day on the phone and in their cars as they gather information and serve their clients. Your Idaho Realtor probably works from home, and even while on “vacation.” Time is a precious commodity in their chosen field, so realtors must be productive and smart as they use that time to serve many people.

If you commit to your Realtor, he will give you 100 percent service. Many consumers like to shop around before settling on a person or company that they will hire to fill their specific need. But when you choose your Idaho Realtor

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