5 Surprising Household Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

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In the spirit to get creative and save money? With these do it yourself household tips, you'll be living greener while being more resourceful. Take these time tested and self sufficient hints and you'll love how awesome it feels to get the job done without wasting time and money on fancy store bought gadgets. Taken from around the web, these are the best – and some downright crazy – ideas you'll have to try to believe!

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No. 1 Coca Cola. This tasty beverage is everywhere – and while it's not the best thing for your teeth, it can be the best thing for your tools and mechanical gadgets. Coca Cola is an excellent cleaning product, probably best known for its rust busting capabilities. If you've got some small objects lying around your garage that need some derusting, pop them into a cup of Coke overnight and scrub them off in the morning. In addition, you can use some Coke against a chrome finish that has some rust spots. Simply pour some of the fizzy drink on a rough textured cloth and rub it in a circular motion. The sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) found in Coke is an alkaline substance, which makes the soda ideal for removing rust.

Also, you can clean those impossible blackened pots once and for all with Coke. All you have to do is pour the sugary drink over the entire discolored area, place on low heat for roughly an hour and ta-da – the nasty black film will wash away as you rinse.

No. 2 Use plants to purify the air in your home. This one not only serves a functional purpose, but looks nice too. During the late '80s, the Associated Landscape Contractors of America and NASA studied household plants in an effort to see if it would purify the air in space facilities. They successfully found that several plants filtered out a number of common volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Luckily we can use plants to help clean the air inside our homes down here on Earth.

Try any number of these plants to improve your home's air quality: gerber daisies, English ivy, peace lily, philodendrons, rubber trees, corn plants, bamboo palm, ficus, aloe, spider plant, golden pothos and weeping fig.

No. 3 Newspapers. These are good for more than just glancing at before tossing into the recycling bin. Say goodbye to streaks and tiny bits of lint when washing your windows. Apply a mix of white vinegar and water to an old newspaper and combat your window cleaning like a pro. The fibers that make up a newspaper are much more dense than those found in paper towels, and allows them to absorb liquids without falling apart as easily.

NewspaperYou can also use wet newspapers in the garden. Gardeners use it as a mulch to prevent weeds and conserve ground moisture. With a layer of newspaper, sunlight can't get in and will eliminate weed seed germination. Because newspaper is considered biodegradable, it can be incorporated into the soil and broken up with a rototiller and worked into the soil at the end of the season. If you're worried about the critters – don't be. The newspaper feeds the soil while safe for worms and other soil organisms. Just lay several layers of newspapers, spray them with water, then cover with 2 to 3 inches of mulch. When you're ready to plant, just plunge a trowel though the wet paper to make a hole and plant your seedlings.

No. 4 Baking Soda. Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, (the same stuff found in coke that makes it such a great cleaning agent) helps regulate pH – which means the substance isn't either too acidic or too alkaline. So, when you apply baking soda to something that is either too acidic or too alkaline, baking soda's natural effect is to neutralize that pH. Taken a step further, baking soda acts as a buffer against any further changes in pH balance. It is in this ability that baking soda can neutralize acidic odors, in your fridge for example, as well as maintain a neutral pH, like in its ability to boost your detergent's cleaning power.

There are so many things you can do with baking soda around the house, it would take a couple more articles to discuss all of them. Used as a cleaner and deodorizing agent, it can replace the need to go out and buy harsh cleaning chemicals. You can use it as a deodorant, to clean oral appliances, as a breath freshener – you can use it to freshen sponges, clean the microwave & oven, to remove light duty oil and grease stains – or to clean your car without worrying about scratch marks. With a quick Google search, you'll find hundreds of amazing uses for baking soda around your home.

No. 5 Coffee Filters. It's insane the number of ways you can use coffee filters. For starters, you can use one as an easy way to keep your microwave clean and splatter free. All you have to do is place a damp coffee filter over the dish that's being heated up. Another way you can use a coffee filter is to line the bottom of your flower pots to keep dirt from falling through the holes at the bottom. If you need to pack stacked china, insert a filter between each delicate piece. Put under foods such as bacon, fries or fried chicken to soak up excess grease. They also work as great cleaners as they do not leave residue.

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