5 Home Selling Strategies That Work


After living in that cozy house for years, its time to get some more square footage and perhaps even a new parking spot for the toys. A few strategies noted here may help you move things faster.

Strategy 1: Cleanliness First!

Buyers in Idaho and elsewhere look first for something that sends a message to them; home. Therefore to ensure that the house sells faster, scrub it clean. Don't forget the lawn and the garden- curb appeal is your critical first impression on buyers. Although most buyers know that an organized and clean home is a pretty fantasy, they know it is not going to stay that way because of the kids. However, most buyers would like to get started with a clean house. Make an effort to make your home appear inviting if you want to sell it faster. Don't forget to get rid of the odor of cleaning chemicals in advance. 

Strategy 2: Add Decorations Sparingly

The next best strategy is to place decorations on your wall. This valuable selling point is often overlooked by many homeowners. Used well, this strategy makes your house evoke memories of "home" in the minds of prospective buyers. A house that has no wall decorations looks like a sterile and lifeless environment. Besides wall decorations, you may want to consider some home staging decorator items to add some pizzaz to accent your spaces.


Strategy 3: Bake Something

Once that prospective buyer gives you a call and you agree on the viewing times, head to the store and buy some baking ingredients. There is nothing that attracts buyers to a home than the smell of something baking in the kitchen. Besides the smell, the house projects itself as warm and comfortable to those who live in it. Just remember to clear the mess after cooking.

Strategy 4: Proper Working Condition

Before putting up your home for sale, ensure that all parts of mechanical systems are in good working order. This includes electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, hot water and heating equipment. Make an effort to have defective equipment repaired by a qualified contractor. Buyers who are serious look for cracks and defective equipment, with some viewing the property whilst accompanied by a home inspector.

Strategy 5: Be Available

Another strategy is to always be available on short notice. Some buyers are extremely busy and like to get through with home searching pretty fast. Being available helps you tidy up the house moments before the buyer arrives. It also confers convenience to your real estate agent on the basis of being able to locate you quickly to arrange for urgent buyers to view the house.

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