5 Essential Home Staging Tips to get your Home Sold

Here's some tips and tricks from experts to properly stage your home and make it very attractive for prospective buyers. The following are five essential home staging tips that will get you noticed on the Boise real estate market and get your home sold much faster.

Professionally clean your carpets and floors – if possible replace carpets and other flooring particularly in high traffic areas as well as the bathrooms and kitchen.

Get rid of clutter – temporarily utilize a storage company and place any extra clutter away from the home. This can include toys, off-season clothing, closet items, and even extra furniture. The same should happen on the outside – remove yard debris, trim shrubs, and get rid of any old lawn furniture or decorations.

Clean everything – appliances should be cleaned inside and out – even if they are not staying with the home. Windows, gutters, walkways, driveways, garages, decks, fireplaces and all areas of the home should be thoroughly cleaned or pressure washed.


Painting when possible – a new coat of paint does wonders for a room and for the outside of a home. Consider a neutral color for your paint – a lighter color will brighten a room and make it appear larger and more inviting. Painting around windows, door frames, and other trim areas is a good idea if you cannot do a complete painting project.

Lighting and plumbing – there are some very reasonably priced light fixtures that can make an older room look very modern. Also new plumbing hardware for faucets can update your bathroom or kitchen very easily. Check your doorbell, garage lighting, bathroom lighting and outside deck lighting as well as replace shower fixtures to give the room a new look at a relatively inexpensive price.

Home buyers can afford to be very picky these days, so they will be looking for faults in your home. The more attractive your home appears, the less likely that the smaller issues will become any type of negative factor. If your home smells fresh, is bright and inviting, and all of the plumbing and wiring is working – that's a great start. It takes a lot of extra maintenance to keep your home prepared and staged for showing – always have dust cloths on hand, potpourri ready and cedar chips in your closets.

With a few simple tips and tricks from real estate experts, your home can be staged and ready to sell.

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