3 Things to do BEFORE you Start your Boise Home Search

Before Moving

Hire a real estate agent to represent YOUR interests.  Today buyer representation is pretty common but in the past, even though an agent worked with the buyer, they were working for the seller because they get paid by the seller.  It is no longer that way.  If you have a buyer representation agreement, your agent is bound to represent you in the transaction and not the seller or themselves.  Having an experienced and professional agent can save you time, frustration, and most importantly big bucks.  They can alert you when new homes come on the market, advise you on negotiations, and refer proven service providers to you such as lenders, title companies, and home inspectors.  Most importantly, they know the local Boise real estate market.  They know about the complicated process of buying short sales and foreclosures.  With all the recent changes in real estate, having an expert on your side is more important than ever. You are ready to take the plunge.  You are finally ready to purchase a Boise home.  You have been noticing that homes are really affordable, interest rates are low, and you want to get in on the bargains.  Now what do you do?

Get pre-approved with your lender.  The importance of this cannot be overstated.  Besides knowing how much you qualify for so you do not waste your time looking at homes you cannot afford, there could be erroneous information on your credit report or your score is not high enough to qualify for some of the lower interest programs that are out there.  If you do need to work on your repairing credit, having that done before you write an offer will eliminate a lot of needless stress. 

Make a list of all the attributes of a home that you would like to have in your home.  There is a big difference between must haves and would like to have such as neighborhood, size, single level, close to excellent schools, within 20 minutes from work, big yard, etc.  After you finish your list, review the list and prioritize what is most important to your family, lifestyle, and things you can compromise on.  It is imperative that you do this because so many times when you are looking at homes, you are caught up in the emotional aspect of a home.  A good example of this is a new home that is professionally staged. It is spiffy clean and looks like it came from the pages of a magazine. It may look perfect but may not have enough bedrooms, yard, or backs to a busy street.  Do not be an emotional buyer!  After the moving boxes have cleared, you may regret it. 

Now that you have done these 3 easy steps, you will be ready to search for your new home in Boise.  Idaho real estate offers some fantastic opportunities.  Now you are ready to go find them!

Kevin Hughes

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