3 Simple Ways to Select a Boise New Home Builder

boise-home-17_400If your neighbor had the skills, time and tools, and was going to build your house, what else would you want him to have? Experience building homes in the area in which you live? Professional affiliations? A good reputation? You would want him to have all of those positive attributes and more. You would want your neighbor to provide you with a quality home on time and do it with a smile. You'd want him to be the best home builder you could find.

Where Do I Look?

Locating and selecting a new home builder in the Boise Idaho area isn't an arduous process but it does require diligence.

Here Are 3 easy, effective ways to find a Boise new home builder:

  • Newspapers
  • Referrals
  • The National Association of Home Builders

Those three options are always available in any town in any state and guaranteed to provide you with reliable, positive information and leads. Let's examine each one.


Every legitimate newspaper that includes local news will have listings of foreclosures, house rentals and new houses for sale. They'll also include ads for construction companies and new home builders. Most new homes will list the builder that completed the project.

In addition to newspapers, there are usually free real estate magazines, tracts and/or flyers available. Many large grocery store chains allow real estate publications to be displayed in the store. Usually displayed in a rack or on a store window ledge, those publications are excellent leads that always include several prominent, local new home builders.


Getting referrals is an excellent way to collect names of reliable new home builders. Many professionals and experienced homeowners consider referrals the best option. You know that you are getting positive, reliable feedback from actual homeowners who have no agenda. You're receiving honest accounts of actual experiences.

You should try to collect several names from which to choose. You'll want to research and compare builders and select the best one for your price range, type of structure and site location.

You can get referrals from anyone who's had a house built either recently or within the past few years. You can solicit opinions from friends or neighbors. Another good resource is a reliable real estate agent. To go a step further, you can do a local neighborhood search of new homes and ask the new homeowners how their experiences went.

The National Association of Home Builders

The NAHB is a professional organization for home builders that holds members to high standards. Only home builders who exhibit reliability and excellence in their craft are allowed in the organization.

Finding a reliable new home builder in Boise involves no more than a little creative searching. However, the search will have proven worthwhile in the end. If you prefer a turn key solution, a good starting point is Boise Idaho real estate where you can see all area mls listings for sale sorted by price range.

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