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An often-overlooked city only about 45 minutes from Boise is the historic Idaho City. It is beautiful, filled with rich history, and has so much to offer. It is a great place to escape from your troubles from the week, and it is located within the mountains and through the trees. Experience the history and beauty of this small town through tours, museums, dining experiences, old-time photoshops, and more. Whatever it is you end up participating in over in Idaho City, it is sure to be fun.

Idaho City offers you the experience to step back in time. Have you ever wanted to know more about America’s Wild West, particularly how Idaho was involved in America’s frontier and gold rush? Well, this is the place to go.


Back in 1862, Idaho City…

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So, you have decided to move to Idaho? Idaho is quite a wonderful state with a lot of great features to offer, but unless you have lived in Idaho before, or have visited often, there is probably a lot you do not know about it. Here is a little introduction for you, in order that you might know some more about what Idaho has to offer you. Something to get excited about, as well as one or two things to be aware of.

If you do not already have employment lined up for when you get here, have no fear. Idaho has a large and diverse pool of different kinds of jobs that are just waiting for you to snatch them up. Of course, agriculture is a huge part of the state (There is a reason it is so well known…

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We love technology. We especially love today's nifty high-tech gadgets that make living at home even sweeter. The turn of the century had the idea of a smart home introducing a whole gamut of new tech products that were specifically designed to enhance home living, igniting tech enthusiasts and homeowners everywhere. Technology has really focused its efforts on designing products specifically tailored to improve home living, and we're always on board with that.

Here we'll look at some of the coolest, craziest and most innovative new home gizmos to hit the market for every room in the house.


Your thermostat isn't the only programmable device in your house. The latest shower technology offers a line of cutting-edge programmable…

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Idaho has been one of the quieter states, often being confused with Iowa and Ohio, and more on the radar of outdoor enthusiasts who have long enjoyed Idaho’s geographical treasures, than the standard American. But the gem state is being recognized more and more often for its livability. With jobs coming to the state every year, towns all over the state of Idaho are seeing an increase in population, cultural, and employment opportunities.

Idaho's three largest and fastest-growing cities are Boise, Nampa, and Meridian. Boise is the capital city of Idaho, and it has seen a revitalization in the past several years, due in part, to the many opportunities residents of this area enjoy. Downtown Boise itself has become a bustling center for activities…

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