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Knowing that you will be investing in Idaho real estate one might consider what it's going to be like during the winter months, especially if you're moving or have moved from a more mild climate.

Winter maintenance in Idaho could be divided into four levels depending on the storm that occurs, the length of time of the winter weather, and the amount of snow that falls. It's always good to check the Idaho Road Conditions before setting out on a winter adventure.

The first level of winter maintenance to consider might include the continuous removal of snow during winter storms in order to keep the roads open and a surface on which vehicles can operate except during severe weather conditions where maintenance vehicles cannot operate safely. The main…

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Lewis and Clark's famous Oregon Trail cuts through what is now southern Idaho, traversing perilous river crossings, deserts, and mountains. There were also alternate routes, cut-offs and connecting trails which reflected the surrounding terrain. For example, if a valley was 10 miles wide, so was the nearest trail. Should a ford or canyon have proven to be narrow, the trail would also be narrow. There are many landmarks along the Idaho portion of the trail, so if you're considering purchasing Idaho real estate, you'll find this region to be rich with historic value.


President Thomas Jefferson selected his long-time friend Meriwether Lewis  to lead the venture west, and Lewis chose William Clark, a seasoned frontiersman, as his co-leader. In…
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New Year’s Eve is an awesome time of year. It is a time for fun, a time for reflection, and a time to plan for the upcoming year. Here in Idaho, there are thousands of ways to ring in the New Year, some of which are quiet, socially distant, and some rambunctious. Whichever way you want to celebrate the passing of the New Year though, you can find something to do here in Idaho. In this article, we will go over some of the more popular events that happen New Year’s Eve and some of the things that happen on New Year’s Day as well. As always, be sure to check for current weather conditions, road closures, hours of services and updates on any last minute closures or cancellations prior to heading out to a destination or event. 

New Year’s Eve


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Biking Through IdahoThe rush of the wind in your face and the pavement flying by bring back that familiar passion and contentment. Nothing but you, your bike, and the Idaho highway ahead of you will make the perfect combination. The most important part of your journey, is your safe return home. In order to keep you safe and to allow you to keep riding Idaho has establish laws for cyclists. So, before you head out onto the road, be sure to review bike safety basics.

Safety Equipment 101
Lights- Bikes are required to be equipped with a light on the front. This light must be able to illuminate up to 500 feet. It is to be turned on when the bike is in use between sunset and sunrise and when the day is cloudy enough that visibility is impaired.

Reflectors-A reflector is required for…
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