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The vast array of outdoor activities Idaho has to offer gives everyone something fun to do during all seasons of the year. How about a nice, scenic hike through the foothills or the lush evergreen forests? There are great trails all over Idaho that can accommodate any level hiker. Some of those trails follow a creek or river, serving as a guide as you venture into the wilderness. If you’re searching for a good fishing spot, there are loads of shimmering lakes and rivers to choose from with a diverse selection of fish species to catch.

Out of the numerous rolling rivers that wind their way throughout the beautiful state of Idaho, there are a select few in the Boise area you can take a day trip to. Each are unique and can be enjoyed in a variety of…

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Generally, the state of Idaho is not going to hit the top of the list of places that people consider to be cool destinations for traveling to, vacationing, or relocating. Perhaps, Idaho is not hitting the radar simply because the greatest treasures of Idaho, up until presently, have yet to be publicized to any significant proportion as a tourist hot spot. The residents and visitors alike that have enjoyed Idaho have done a great job of sharing how wonderful the state can be when there is a time made to check it out. Now there is a growing wealth of blogs and publications outlining how true this is. Most anyone who has made an effort to spend even a few days taking the time to get out and explore some of what the state of Idaho offers can share the…

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If one of the first things you think of when you think of Idaho is its incredible natural wildlife, you’d be spot on.  When you settle in Idaho and make it your home, you’ll be sharing your home with hundreds of species of mammals, plants, and birds native to Idaho and famous throughout the North and Midwest.  Idaho is a haven for a huge range of unique wildlife you’ve only seen in movies or in pictures, with many reserves to visit and observe the amazing animals. The diverse landscape provides many opportunities to view animals and birds in their natural habitat, as well.

Go on a wild adventure at Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  This waterfowl refuge is located at the marshy north shore of scenic Bear Lake in Montpelier, Idaho.  It represents an…

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Boise RiverYou’ve done your research, you’ve explored Idaho Real Estate options, and you’ve decided to move to your new home in Boise.  It’s a great choice—a beautiful, historic city where you will be welcomed with open arms.  You can’t wait to move.  You’re excited about the majesty of the views and the welcoming nature of the city.  It’s going to be a great new chapter in the lives of you.

But you might be wondering…what's the weather like in Boise?

All weather reports – and city dwellers – claim and experience very mild weather in Boise.  There are four distinct seasons, which are marked by the changing of leaves and the growing and flourishing of flora and fauna.  Boise is truly a beautiful city, and is not subject to the constant rain or coldness in the…

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The Fall season is a spectacular time of year to take a break from the norm of everyday living and head out for a scenic Idaho road trip. Overall, Idaho is home to a variety of scenic byways, at least thirty-two appointed byways and backcountry drives ideal for area exploration. The Ponderosa Scenic Byway runs about 130 +/- miles starting from the city of Boise and continues along ID-21, making its way into the beautiful Boise Mountains and the Boise National Forest. The Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway features various outlooks and a host of popular destinations along the way. Scheduling additional time to allocate for stops could easily make for a full day of exploration. Featured stops might include Lucky Peak Overlook, the historic Idaho City, Mores…

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