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So you're planning on going on an Idaho camping trip? You are in for a real treat! The gorgeous scenery and fresh air all over the Gem State makes for one of the most amazing and unforgettable places to go out and enjoy the great outdoors! With how large the state is, and with such a large percentage of its land belonging to nature (35 million acres of public land!), you will soon find that there are so many excellent options to choose from here when it comes to going camping. You will want to make sure you have prepared properly to truly have the best experience possible. Here are the things you'll want to consider prior to going on your Idaho camping trip:

All of the great campgrounds in Idaho are very well managed by several public agencies.…

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If you know very many people from Idaho, chances are you have heard at least once or twice that it is one of the greatest places to be! It is not for no reason that people who live in or visit Idaho have so many positive things to say about it, as it is truly one of the most fantastic states to spend time in. A lot of the greatness of Idaho can be attributed to the gorgeous bits of nature and the vast amount of wilderness that can be found all across the large state. The great outdoors of Idaho provides so many wonderful activities, there are so many unique things to try, and the people you meet are sure to make you want to stay for a while.

Idaho residents and visitors alike participate in more outdoor activities than most other states in the…

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