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Idaho is one of the states that experiences some of the highest average snowfall in the Northwest United States. Because of this, there are plenty of opportunities to participate in some fun activities all across the state. However, there are only some activities that are a day’s trip from the Treasure Valley. This list will give you a few ideas!

Skiing at Sun Valley- Sun Valley is located about a three-hour drive from Boise and is a popular site for anything recreational. In the winter, it is most known for its skiing resort. You can take leisure run down any of the ski slopes that have been a huge part in celebrity vacations since the resort opened around 1936. It was also the first resort to open with one of the world’s very first chairlifts…

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Bogus Basin is fun for friends and family, located 43 minutes NE of Boise, Idaho it is close to home. They have seven chairlifts and a magic carpet on the bunny hill for those who are learning old and young. They have a rental place for skis, shoes, and seasonal lease packages, as well as season entrance packages. They are open seven days a week, for about 13 hours so you can have an all-day pass or an evening pass. They also have trails that you may consider for snowshoeing, as well as they also have places to tube and sled.

If you can’t drive out to Bogus Basin, you might consider heading to Eagle Island State Park, this is close to home, and you may make it a quick day trip. With a pass for $15 per person you can gain entrance with tubes…

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Before any European-Americans came to explore the area of land now known as Idaho, the territory was always home to many Native American tribes. Some of these tribes include the Shoshone, Bannock, Pocatello, Nez Perce, and Kootenai tribes. These tribes were used as the inspiration behind the names of many of the cities, parks, and roads, created later. The Native American tribes were known for their hunting and trapping. They were incredibly resourceful and knew how to use the land to their advantage. This knowledge was helpful when Europeans finally came to explore the land.

Idaho was the last of the 48 continental United States to be explored by European-Americans. Merriweather Lewis and William Clark and their company didn’t enter the state…

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The third largest city in the state of Idaho is Meridian. Meridian is quickly creating its name as a social and cultural center within the state. Even though not everyone knows Meridian for its culinary hotspot, it does have quite a few unique local restaurants.

Thai Basil

Thai Basil has become the place to be when it comes to restaurants in Meridian. It has a very fun, colorful decor and the menu is filled with various authentic Thai dishes. The place takes pride in utilizing traditional cooking techniques like searing wok over an open flame, fresh aromatic herbs and spices that builds an exciting flavor combination and savoring new dish. In addition to the typical Thai meals like the Thai green curry and pineapple fried rice or the Thai Basil…

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One of the greatest American traditions is the movie industry. So much of our modern culture revolves around what we have found on the screen and the magic that can come from the experience you get while in the theater. However, if you live in Idaho, you might feel like your state is under-represented in Hollywood or even in the independent film industry. That does not mean these movies do not exist. Sure, Idaho is not a prime shooting location or rife with stories to tell that modern audiences are looking for, though there are still a number of movies you can watch and enjoy that show off the Idaho landscape and might make you feel proud to be an Idahoan. Here are a few you might like.

I am going to start with a movie I recently watched and really…

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There are a lot of fun things you can do in Idaho, but maybe at the top of the list is shooting. It is a massive past time in the state and lots of people are out all the time, partaking in a variety of different shooting activities. There are so many different ways to enjoy shooting sports and you can probably find something in there that will really entice you to get into shooting if you are not already. But shooting is not a picnic, at least not from the start. There is a lot you need to know, even if you are not required to know it to own a gun. Today, I am going to illuminate you on some of these things to give you an idea of what you are getting into if you want to be involved in the world of guns and how to enjoy it without risking any…

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Idaho is an absolutely beautiful state which is fairly well known for its production of potatoes. However, less commonly known is its deep connections with another food; a small fruit called the huckleberry.

In February of 2000, it was proposed that the huckleberry become the state fruit of Idaho. The legislation was passed by the Idaho Senate and House of Representatives in April of the same year and took effect on July 1st, 2000.  

The huckleberry is a small red or purple berry native to the pacific northwest. It is a distant wild cousin of the blueberry and thought to be sweeter than a cranberry. An average huckleberry bush can grow from one foot to six feet tall and will produce berries that can grow up to a plump ½ inch in diameter. The…

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You might be asking yourself: “What is so great about Idaho? Why are so many people moving there these days?” You also might not be asking yourself that but let us assume that you are. Idaho is a pretty hopping place right now. A lot of people are making the decision to move to the Gem State and they are doing it for a variety of different reasons. Boise, the capital of Idaho, is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and there is a very good reason for that. What is that reason? Why have I neglected to answer the original question I asked at the start of all of this? Allow me to rectify that by giving you a few answers that might shed some light on what makes Idaho such a special place.

Economically, Idaho is in a great spot. It was hit…

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