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There is a lot of water running through Idaho. It is a land of rivers that crisscross the state like a human circulatory system, filling it with life and green things. There is a lot to do in this water. River rafting in Idaho is a big pastime, and there is no river in the world that does not have an endangered species that has not been fished (And some that do have endangered species, unfortunately). But beyond these things, you might be surprised to learn that scuba diving is a popular thing to do in Idaho. You might think it is something you can only really do if you are out on the ocean, but lake diving is a common activity, and Idaho has plenty of lakes. If you have never been scuba diving before, it can be a little daunting. Getting down beneath…

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The Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is located in Arco, Idaho and is basically a vast ocean of lava flows with an occasional island made from cinder cones and sagebrush. It was first created during 8 major eruptive time periods which were around 2,000 to 15,000 years ago. The lava first sprung from what is known as the Great Rift, which consists of a number of massively deep cracks that begin at the Visitor Center of the preserve and stretches across approximately 52 miles toward the southeast end of the park. Over time, the lava field grew, covering a grand total of 618 square miles. Smaller lava fields, called the Kings Bowl and Wapi Lava Fields, also emerged near the Great Rift around the most recent eruptive period (which was…

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Nampa is located twenty miles west of Boise, Idaho. Nampa was named after a Shoshone Indian Chief, Nampuh. Nampuh means bigfoot, as stated by legend. In spite of the fact that Native American tribes settled in the area hundreds of years ago, no other settlers settled the area until the late 1800s.

The settlement of the Nampa area started when the Oregon Short Line Railroad was completed. In 1883 the Oregon Short Line Railroad put in a water tank and a standing sign on its station house, this was the first of Nampa. Similar to Caldwell which is five minutes west of Nampa it is one of Idaho’s constructive agricultural areas. In addition, James A. McGee and Alexander Duffes came to the decision of investing in the part of the development of the new…

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You can find Meridian, Idaho located on the Snake River basin plain that goes east to west. It is near the middle of the valley and sits at about 2,605 feet above sea level. The only source of natural water was provided by the Five Mile Creek that goes through the community to the east and to the Boise River.

The history of Meridian begins in 1831, this was one year after the Choctaw Indians made an agreement to leave their territories in Mississippi according to the terms of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. The first settler to come to area Meridian now sits on was Richard McLemore of Virginia. In order to get more people to the area, McLemore provided free land. The future of Meridian was official when the railroads came to the area in 1855.

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Idaho is one of the top barley producing states in the country, it grows a diversity of both malting, feed, and so on. However, over 75% of Idaho’s total barley yield is malt, with a larger part being two row for a higher level malting and brewing. High quality malting barley is in continuous demand by malting industry. The consistent supply of the top quality has brought the following companies to Idaho: InBev Anheuser-Busch, and Great Western Malting inteGrow Malt.

Spring barley is a vital crop in Idaho and usually has about 900,000 acres harvested yearly. 60 percent of the total state barley production happens in eastern crop reporting district. The highest yields per acre happens in the southwest and south central districts. 70…

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Idaho is a dream come true for many, especially fisherman. There are over 26,000 miles of rivers and streams, over 3,000 natural lakes and Idaho is the habitat of a diversity of all kinds of fish. Several of the fish only live in Idaho. Fishing for most fisherman starts in the springs and goes through the fall, they grab their poles and fly rods and go out to take advantage of the several fishing moments the great state of Idaho gives us. For those looking for that next fishing spot, it will not be hard to find in Idaho. There are numerous places to choose from and will offer you a unique fishing opportunity each time you cast your line.

Although for most Idahoan fisherman the prize location for fishing is one that only they know about. However,…

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The City of Eagle has a dynamic community unlike any other city in Idaho. Well planned and finely honed appreciation of the small town artistics and its rural roots. The present-day City of Eagle has increased in size since its sleepy village of 350 residents in 1970 to the present busy community of about 20,000. The City of Eagle is located near the Boise River, it has much more to offer to newcomers!

The history of Eagle’s early age came into motion when gold was discovered in the Boise Basin in 1862, this was in addition to other Idaho mountain locations farther north. Several explorers chose to look for their fortune mining; however, a select few understood the importance of mining towns having agricultural products which were fast becoming…

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