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Most things in life are better when you do them yourself. It’s easy to simply buy something, but making it can often be more inexpensive, and even far more gratifying. Building your own home is no exception, even if you don’t take on the whole project by yourself. There are lots of reasons to consider building your own home, but some of the more overlooked reasons are environmental. There is a vast difference between what you might do, versus any of the major companies that would otherwise build your new home.

One thing to consider is that a home development project usually isn’t about just a single building. You, on your own, will just be building your own home, but when a company gets to work, it is on entire neighborhoods. Depending on where you…

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If you’re looking to move to Idaho and you’re interested in what business and institutions have a large influence in the state, or even if you already live in Idaho would like to know more about your state or find out what kind of job opportunities are available, have no fear. Idaho is home to a rich and diverse market of different companies. A unique job at any level is just around the corner with anything ranging from a tech job to hospital work.

There are a few kinds of employers that can be found in every state. Hospitals, healthcare centers, and higher education schools are everywhere, and Idaho has hundreds of them. In Treasure Valley alone, there are at least three major colleges and universities, and uncountable small and large medical…

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Since the early days of the pilgrims, people in the United States have had a love affair with log homes. From the need for a home on the frontier using only the materials at hand to the modern desire for a warm, cosy, rustic place that reminds us of simpler times, log cabins have been the go-to for home design.

If building your own log cabin has been on your bucket list, here are some of the companies in Idaho that build log cabin kits:

Yellowstone Log Homes-

Yellowstone Log Homes, run by brothers Lynn and David Youngstrum and located in Rigby, ID, has been manufacturing log homes since 1962. After running a sawmill for many years, their father Lewis, was looking for a new challenge and…

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