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Most often when homeowners decide to remodel their spaces, the laundry room gets set aside in favor of the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Almost any room in the house is more likely to receive upgrades, but once all of those rooms are made beautiful, the laundry room seems to still remain in shambles. Well, there are many reasons why a pristine, new laundry room is a good idea. For starters, it is always a good idea to update appliances to newer, more energy efficient appliances. While this is an expensive upfront cost, the amount of money saved on utilities over the lifespan of the washer and dryer is amazing. Plus, newer washing machines treat clothes with a gentler hand than their predecessors. The technology available nowadays allows for…

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You’ve found it! The ideal home has been located and buying it seems to be a dream come true. However, this home is older and has various aspects that come with homes that have been built decades prior. Lead paint has recently become a concern, as have other such safety hazards. Before purchasing, it’s important to know how to tackle more difficult problems that can accompany older homes in order to ensure safety and in order to keep this beautiful, newly acquired home from becoming a residential nightmare.

To begin with, it’s a good idea to have an inspector check out a home prior to purchase. The urgency behind this advice increases with every year the home has been around, peaking in homes that have been around for several decades or…

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Idaho is an amazing state. It is one of the most underrated states in the union and is brimming with interesting things in its history, landscape, and culture. So, here are a few fun facts about Idaho that will surely make you want to visit.

1. Idaho’s Nickname

As most states, Idaho has a nickname and, like it’s southern neighbor Nevada, the Silver State, Idaho’s nickname pays homage to some of the beautiful minerals that are dug up here. What is Idaho’s nickname? It is “the Gem State”. Idaho is a great state for mining, there are precious, semi precious, and nonprecious materials mined all throughout Idaho making it a destination for all geological enthusiasts. However, the nickname has a double meaning. For some, Idaho is the Gem State…

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