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Homeowner Associations, otherwise known as HOAs, are a very common kind of neighborhood organization here in America. If you ever plan on owning a home, chances are you will have to deal with one or two homeowner associations in your lifetime. Despite their wide spread though, HOAs will differ greatly from place to place in how they operate and what rules they enforce. Because of this great variety, it is important for homeowners to know what to look for when they move into a neighborhood, or better yet before they move into a neighborhood. Today, we will try and do just that. We are going to give you a quick overview of what an HOA is, what they do, and your responsibilities as a homeowner when it comes to your HOA. 

What are Homeowner…

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Owning a home is exciting, whether for the first time or after a lifetime of making it yours. Knowing how to maintain that home can be tricky, and often it just requires doing little things here and there throughout the year. Here are a few tips on home maintenance to help you stay on top of making your living space efficient and comfortable:

Start in each room and do the little things:

Laundry Room

*Inspect your washer and dryer regularly, and check your washing machine’s pipes and hoses at least once a year to avoid water damage from any leakage. As for your dryer, make sure you clean out your lint trap after each use, if you don’t already. This will prevent fires.

*Be sure to vacuum out the metal exhaust duct in your dryer at the…

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For people who have lived in the Boise area much of their lives, fishing is not an unusual topic of conversation. Even those who do not go fishing very often have likely heard old fishing tales of the one that got away, or stories of the fish that somehow gets larger with every time the anecdote is told. Many public physical education classes offer a course to youngster teaching them the proper way to cast for fly fishing, and there are numerous sporting goods stores that sell equipment-including a few locally owned businesses dedicated specifically to selling fishing equipment and teaching those interested how to fish. Needless to say, anglers who are looking to find a good spot to sink a line have a great many places to choose from in the Boise…

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Close to the capital city of Idaho rests a city that is well known for its well-priced shopping, lovely homes, and caring community. The City of Meridian has so many great things to offer and is a wonderful place to build or buy a new home. Let’s check out a few of the newer neighborhoods in the area.

One of the newer neighborhoods in Meridian is the Paramount neighborhood. Though it began it’s building phases a few years ago, Paramount continues to have new plots available for building, as well as several new homes built and ready to move-in. Most residents can’t speak highly enough of the location, homes, and neighbors that live in this “village within a city”. Planned events and fun activities can be found in the neighborhood newsletter,…

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The Boise area, also known as the Treasure Valley, is a stunning place that has frequently appeared on top ten lists of best places to live for almost every demographic imaginable. It is a gathering place for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while staying close to convenience. People have been flocking here thanks to a number of different factors like its low housing prices, mild temperatures, and close proximity to some of the greatest outdoor destinations in the nation. This has created a huge need for new homes, new neighborhoods, and new amenities. However, over the last few years, it seems as though there has been a tapering off of new construction of all sorts and many people who already live here aren’t moving as…

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The best part of Idaho (aside from the tasty potatoes) is the variety of entertainment that can be found. The Treasure Valley is full of activities for all ages! If you want to step out of your comfort zone, or bring you friends along for lasting memories, check out some of the fun your community has to offer!


Horseshoe Bend has introduced the newest attraction, Zipline Idaho, for all those looking for a three-hour day thrill. Starting at $90 a person, the crew at Zipline Idaho work hard to make the day the best it can be. They provide all the safety equipment needed, as well as drive you up to the ropes course. There is little walking or hiking involved. The course takes you up and down the beautiful Boise National Forest, and…

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In 1864, the capital of Idaho was moved from Lewiston to Boise. This historic move meant that when Idaho officially became a state, the governing powers needed a place to meet. Thus, the Capitol building planning was set into motion. Primarily headed by two men, John E. Tourtelloutte and Charles Hummel, the construction of the Capitol building brought a sense of place to the citizens of not only Boise, but Idaho as a whole. As a freshly formed state, having a place to look for answers to questions regarding how Idaho would be governed, as well as having a physical location to go to in order to watch or participate in government happenings did a lot for morale and helped solidify the sense of statehood. Throughout the years, the Idaho Capitol…

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