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Going from living in an apartment to living in a house can be quite a transition, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. There are some things you need to know before you move so everything goes smoothly, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with the basics.

The American Dream. It is the idea that a person can choose their own path, they can be the captain of their own destiny, and they will be treated the same as everyone else. For a large part of American history, the idea of homeownership was an integral part of that dream, and for some it still is today. Then again, there are people who want to buy a house for the extra space or the extra independence. Whatever fuels your desire to buy a home, however, you need to be aware of…

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In a basement remodel, there are certainly a few things to ensure are taken care of before setting in on the fun parts. It takes a good design to create a great, lasting basement that is easy to care for, isn’t exposed to the elements, and is a sturdily built place to enjoy for many years to come. Many people step into their unfinished basement with lofty dreams and goals, but it’s good to solidify the basics first.

To start, it’s important to check for any cracks or settling that may need to be addressed. This should be done at the very start to ensure that the basement is prepared for renovation. Plus, it’s so much easier to address foundational issues before the rest of the building begins. It will leave a more clear path for any…

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If you are looking to make your home the talk of the town then you need to get your hands on some of these awesome pieces of furniture. Instead of going with the ordinary, everyday things, why not go for something much more exciting. Today we’ve listed our top 7 favorite pieces of furniture for you. Keep an eye out for these the next time you are looking to fix up your house.


This piece of traditional Japanese furniture is a great new addition to your home. The Kotatsu is a spin on the idea of a coffee table, but instead of it just being a normal table it also has an electric heater attached to the underside of the table top. That way, if your feet are underneath the Kotatsu at any time they will be nice and toasty. This was invented…

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So, you’ve just moved to Boise and you are wondering how you can enjoy your first winter here? If you are a fan of winter activities, then you going to love Boise. We have some of the best winter fun to be had for miles. Whether you like classic activities like skiing and snowboarding, or you want to visit some intense snow sculptures, then you are in the right place. Boise has a huge variety of things to do so you definitely won’t be bored from December to February.

Let’s first talk about what the winter climate is like here in the Boise area. For starters, it is cold. However, it isn’t as cold as you might think. Most winter days will be between 20 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit depending, of course, on the year. Usually, we get our first snow in…

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Idaho is a spectacular place to live if you are a fan of snow. Winter typically brings with it a good amount of the fluffy, white stuff. Many people who love to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, and otherwise enjoy winter sports will even travel to areas in Idaho to enjoy their time in the snow. For many Idahoans, however, the locations that they typically go to for their winter activities are the places that are within an hour from them. There are plenty of other places to explore in the wonderful state of Idaho, so it may be worth a trip or two to check out the other gorgeous scenery.

Sticking close to the Treasure Valley is the well known Bogus Basin Ski Resort. There are many aspects to this amazing location that many people utilize, and many that…

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The Treasure Valley is home to many amenities. There are concert halls, shopping malls, reservoirs, and everything in between. However, there are few that compare to the ever beautiful park. Whether it is run by a community, a city, or the state, the parks here in the Boise are a fantastic part of the Idaho experience. They provide a place for residents to enjoy the great outdoors, a place to exercise, and a place to relax.

Three of the Boise- Nampa area parks that are loved and visited most often would have to be Kleiner Park, DeMeyer Park, and Eagle Island State Park. However, these awesome parks weren’t always what they are today. Did you know that these parks were all, at one point or another, farms? And not just any farms. These parks…

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If you are building a home or waiting to buy one but don’t have the best credit score in the world, then you may find yourself needing to rent a home for a little while. If this is the situation you’ve found yourself in, then you have come to the right place, because Boise is one of the best places for comfortable homes and apartments to rent.

Today we will discuss some of the different situations that lead people to rent, the kinds of rentals they can find in Boise, and some tips and things to look out for while you are looking for your temporary abode.

In the long run, buying a home is cheaper than renting. This is because you will eventually own the house and won’t have to make payments on it anymore. Which is completely different from…

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