The Boise Bench


Boise, Idaho is a culturally dynamic city. It has tons of great amenities to enjoy that range from academic, all the way to athletic making it not only dynamic, but versatile and enjoyable to just about everyone who comes to visit. One thing that makes Boise so unique is the distinct differences that occur between its 8 sectors. The City of Boise, though seamlessly brilliant, can also be subdivided into 8 sections that each have characteristics all their own.

This article will focus on one of those sectors: the Boise Bench. The Boise Bench part of town is quite literally the heart of the city. It is not as busy as downtown, but it is in the physical center of the city and is also home to one of the largest freeway interchanges in the state. It is an eclectic collection of different neighborhoods, office buildings, shopping centers, and more.

Where is the Boise Bench?

The Boise Bench is located in the center of Boise. It stretches from the old Union Pacific railroad station to the Flying Y (the freeway interchange), and goes all the way to the airport in the south. The northern border of the Bench is the iconic part of it where it gets its name. The northern part of the Bench is the actual edge of the bench that overlooks the valley 60 feet below.

What caused the Bench?

The Boise Bench is actually one of a series of benches that stretch from one end of the Treasure Valley to the other. Each of these benches represents the prehistoric river bank of the Boise River. The Boise Bench is the last of these massive river banks that before the Boise River trickled down to its current size. This has made the Boise bench a great plateau to build a community on.

What kinds of neighborhoods are there on the Boise Bench?

There is a wide variety of neighborhoods on the Boise Bench. There are some new developments, as well as neighborhoods that had their foundations poured back in the 1950’s. This is good news for people who have a certain time period that they want their homes to be from because if they want desperately to live on the Bench it shouldn’t be hard for them to find a home they like.

Among the great neighborhoods of the Bench, there are some great new construction neighborhoods as well. So, if your goal is to build a new home, you can easily do that as well on the Boise Bench. Because the Bench is an older part of town, new construction neighborhoods are often built in more hidden parts of the area, making them more secluded for extra privacy. Many of these neighborhoods are built with great clubhouses, pools, parks, and more. They are also exposed to some of the cities greatest amenities since they are built on the Bench. This easy access to amenities and great neighborhoods makes it prime real estate, and a highly sought after place to live.

Are their schools on the Bench?

Yes, there are actually some great schools in the Bench Area. There are two high schools (one public and one private), a middle school or two, and dozens of elementary schools.

What kind of restaurants are nearby?

If you’re hoping for a great place to chow down, then living on the Bench is one of the best moves you can make. The Boise Bench is home to hundreds of restaurants of various themes—dine-in restaurants, fast-food joints, and even cultural restaurants.

Since the Boise Bench is the literal center of the city, many of its best and most prestigious restaurants are located there, making it a popular place to spend an evening.

What kind of shopping is there on the Bench?

The shopping scene on the Boise Bench can easily be described as convenient. It is home to dozens of amazing specialty shops, department stores, and even a mall.

The Boise Towne Square Mall is a two-story mall that has dozens of designer shops, restaurants, novelty shops and department stores. It is open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM on normal days, but is open almost all day on Black Friday.

There are also some great bulk food stores on the Bench. So, if you like to buy in bulk for the discount or just for the size of it, the Bench is the place to shop. Two of the most prevalent bulk food stores on the Bench are on opposite ends. One on the north part of the Bench and one on the south. This makes it easy for anyone that lives on the bench to easily enjoy these stores.

Are there department stores on the Bench?

When it comes to department stores, the Boise Bench has it covered. There are more than a dozen department stores to choose from that range from household appliances to clothing outlets. These department stores offer easy shopping opportunities at great prices and are all usually placed near the best restaurants.

What kind of entertainment is available on the Bench?

Entertainment on the Bench is also easy to come by. The Bench is home to many entertainment establishments, the most notable of which are its three movie theaters. (Two are dollar theaters and one is a giant megaplex and IMAX).

These theaters, along with all the others in the Treasure Valley, all participate in $5.00 Tuesdays. $5.00 Tuesday is a weekly event where all of the big theaters reduce their prices to $5.00 and the dollar theaters to $1.00 exactly. They originally did it to raise revenue, but it became such a widely loved practice that Tuesday night became the go to movie night in Boise.

The Boise Bench is a wonderful part of Boise and it can offer some of the greatest amenities in the city. There is much more to it, however. So, contact one of our licensed agents to schedule a time to tour the Boise Bench and the great houses that are for sale there.

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