Prepping Your Backyard for Entertaining



Well, now that you are in your new home, you are probably wondering what’s next. You’ve finished all the contracts, moved all your belongings, figured out where to put all your things, and now it’s time to add the finishing touches and make your home your very own. But what to do? Are you going to turn your basement into a fallout shelter, add a second or third floor, or something else? Whatever it is that you decide to do with your home, you may want to make your home ready for entertaining. If that is something that you like to do, then the prime part of your home to get ready for entertaining is the backyard.

Throwing parties can be difficult, there are many things that go into a successful party; you need to have great activities, good ambiance, comfortable seating and so forth. These can be a bit annoying to arrange every time you have a party, but, if you do a little preparation, you can make your backyard party ready for even those last minute gatherings.

Go In With a Plan

No matter what you are doing, whether it be a party or a renovation, it will always go much smoother when you go in with a plan. So the best thing to do is to find out exactly what you want to do in your backyard—what kind of entertaining you want to do.

The Classy Backyard

For a classy impromptu party, you may consider putting a fire pit in your backyard. A fire pit can do great things for a backyard party. It adds great ambiance, warm lighting, and smores if your guests are hungry. It is very important, however, that you make safety a priority when using your fire pit; like making sure that your pit is not surrounded by dry wood, brush, homes or other structures, or making sure to not let any fire get out of the fire ring.

It is also important to first make sure that your local laws allow you to have a fire pit at all. There are several places in Idaho where it is not legal to have backyard fires, so be sure to double check with the fire marshal before you start making plans.

If, however, it is legal for you to have a fire pit, you have several options as to models, designs, and construction. There are several above ground fire pits you can buy that are fairly inexpensive and they can be found at nearly any retail store. However, if you want to build your own, there are inexpensive options for that as well.

Pool Parties

Pools can also be a classy and relaxing activity for a backyard party. It can be a hot tub or a full pool, no matter what kind of water feature it is, it can make a party extraordinary. Like with fire pits, pools come in many different shapes, sizes, and kinds. There in ground pools, above ground pools, Jacuzzis, and more, it all depends on your preferences. However, no matter the pool you choose, be sure to make it functional for all the guests you will be having. Make sure that there is an appropriate shallow end and that there aren’t sudden drop-offs. And, as with the fire pit, remember safety first. Make sure you have some sort of fence around the pool so that no one will fall in accidentally.

Lawn Games

If you and your friends like to play games, then lawn games would be a great addition to your backyard party. You don’t need to get any complex games, just easy ones that can be set up at a moment’s notice. There are many lawn ideas online that can be made or bought, at a very low cost. Be sure, however, to avoid getting dangerous games like lawn darts—they can be deadly if mishandled.


Seating is an important part of a party. So important, in fact, that you could have the best party in the world, but if you aren’t comfortable where you sit, then you won’t enjoy yourself as much as you could. You can have comfortable seating in several ways, however, you need to make sure that your seating matches the activity. You don’t want to have pool chairs around your backyard fire; nor do you want to put logs around your pool. Using your end goal and atmosphere you can choose what kind of seating you want.

The end goal is also important when considering what kind of arrangement you want for your backyard. If your goal is to have a fire pit, then surround the chairs or benches around the fire pit. If you have a pool, surround the pool. If you want to have lawn games, however, be sure to have spectator seats, that way other people can enjoy the games as they are being played.


Lighting is another vital part of a party—mainly because people have a hard time having fun if they can’t see very well. Again, lighting will have to depend on the mood of the party and the ambiance of the backyard. If you are looking for something more intricate, yet simplistic, you can use fire lighting. No matter the party, Tiki torches, or live flame lanterns, will give your backyard a warm, relaxing, feeling. Another way to achieve this type of ambiance is using holiday lights. These can be infinitely safer than torches, yet still give the backyard the same feeling of warmth.


The last step to creating a party ready backyard is decorating. This needs to happen last because you want to make sure you know what the end product will look like, so you can match the decorations with that. As with most of the above points, decorating comes down to preferences; it all depends on what you like. These are just a few of the basics for backyard entertaining preparation. There are more techniques and guides available online, so keep searching until you have an idea of what you want for your backyard. Remember, though, in all in devours to follow all safety precautions.

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