New Construction in Star, Idaho

Building a new home is one part chaos and two parts adventure. It is an experience that can be either rewarding or disappointing which is due to the nature of the project. There are many things that go into building a home like choosing a design, choosing a location, and finding a builder who will work in the location you’ve chosen, and all of these decisions can drastically change the outcome of the project. So, it is imperative that these decisions are made well and with much thought.

STAR: a location unlike any other

Located just west of Eagle and north of Meridian lies the small city of Star. It is called home by 6,600 or so people and is a gathering place for those looking to lead a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. It started out, however, like most other cities in Idaho, as a small town of no consequence. From the time that small farming community was incorporated as a city, in 1905, to the turn of the century, its population stayed under 2,000. However, after the year 2,000 its population began to grow at a rapid rate that in the last 15 years it has tripled its size.

This high influx of people caused a spike in the demand for homes, bringing with it dozens of talented builders and their crews to develop the land. Seemingly overnight the city of Star was transformed into a community of new chic homes, constructed with the utmost precision and craftsmanship.

Since all this construction was done within recent years with as much new and innovative methods and materials as possible, the homes in Star are easily some of them most beautiful and coveted dwellings in the valley—which then caused the spike in demand to steepen and grow even more.

Right now, Star has hundreds of subdivisions available with open lots for new construction, and most of the builders that operate out of the Treasure Valley are willing to work out in Star. This allows people who want to build out there to shop around for a builder that meets their needs which is important because each of the builders who works out of the Treasure Valley has a slightly different styles, standards, methods, and prices for their work. So, lucky for those building in Star, almost all of the builders will take a job there.

BUILDERS: Star’s most memorable

Some of Star’s most popular and memorable builders include Corey Barton Homes (CBH Homes), Hubble Homes, Boise Hunter Homes, and more. The following is a brief look at these three builders to see if they are the right fit for your building needs.

Corey Barton Homes (CBH Homes)

Time efficient, innovative, and clean, these are the words that best describe Corey Barton Homes. They, as a company, are dedicated to not only giving their clients the home of their dreams though building it in such a way that it can be completed in only 5 months. They also take pride in the construction of their homes. For instance, they pride themselves on having exceptionally clean homes when they are through building; they state that with their ultra clean homes you don’t have to worry about inheriting the dirt and grime that build up from previous owners.

At Corey Barton Homes, there is a lot that they can do in the way of custom designs. For instance, they have a library of dozens of floorplans that clients can choose from and then customize—all for an affordable price. That way, their clients can rest assured that their home will be individualized to them, not a cookie cutter home.

Hubble Homes If trust is a big thing for you then you will love working with Hubble Homes. This group of highly trained professionals are both experts at their trade and have their client’s best interests at heart. With a firm dedication to their clients, the designers, sales team, and construction crews put all of their skills to work to bring their dreams to life. Not to mention they are continually working harder, improving their techniques, and buying better materials as they come on the market—all for the sake of the client.

Hubble Homes is very aware of the innate desire most American’s have of owning their own home. It is the American Dream and in order for more people to fulfill that dream, Hubble Homes offers affordable homes with unbeatable quality. Their top of the line homes are built to meet the needs of their clients without breaking the bank.

Boise Hunter Homes

Boise Hunter Homes is a team that knows what they are doing. They are committed to building their client’s dream homes all while providing legendary customer service. This commitment has put them on the map. With their growing reputation as a quality builder, it’s hard to be unsure of working with Boise Hunter Homes.

Boise Hunter Homes offers 50+ floorplans that their clients can choose from. These floorplans are for ranch style homes, craftsman style homes, and everything in between. The plans are all different, making it easy for a client to personalize their specific plan and make it want they want it to be.


In Star, there are many amenities that people who choose to build can take advantage of. For instance, many of the neighborhoods that are built in Star have playgrounds, parks, sports equipment, and even clubhouses and pools on occasions. Star also has a great public library available most days of the week, full sized golf courses, and much more. Residents can also easily access the cities of Eagle and Meridian and all the amenities they have which includes hundreds of great restaurants, shopping centers, a movie theater, and water park.

These are just a few of the amenities that are available in the city of Star. It is a fantastic place to live and build a life.

To learn more about the City of Star, the Treasure Valley, or any of the real estate opportunities that are available in the area, contact one of our licensed agents; they will be glad to help you.

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