New Construction in Middleton

If you have ever built a home, or know anyone who’s built a home, then you probably know that the processes is all but easy. There are dozens of decisions that have to be made every day that can affect the home and the buyer’s future comfort. These decisions include things like choosing a design and floorplan, location, and the builder you will hire.

The City of Middleton—the best place to build in Idaho

As far as choosing a location for your home is concerned, check out Middleton, Idaho. As its name suggests, Middleton is a town that is located in the middle of the Treasure Valley. In fact, it is located right between Boise and the old ferry port near Parma along the Snake River. It served as a pit stop for people traveling from Fort Boise to the river back in the mid-1800s. It is said to be one of the oldest settlements in Canyon County but still only has about 6,000 people living there. It is a small town, and it was even smaller prior to the 21st century. From the time it was incorporated in 1910 to the year 2000, the population stayed low. After the turn of the century however, the population spiked up to where it is today at 6,000.

With such a high jump in the population, there has been a growing demand for housing in the Middleton area. This demand has brought thousands of new homes to the city, some of which are built by the valley’s most prestigious builders. This caused there to be many beautiful and well-crafted homes built at affordable prices, making Middleton even more attractive than before.

Since most of this new construction happened so recently, however, many of the homes in this little city are built with the best designs and the most advanced materials, giving them longevity and style that is hard to find elsewhere. With all of this innovation—at the affordable prices that were mentioned earlier—Middleton has grown from being a small pit stop to a highly coveted community of serene neighborhoods.

Currently, there are hundreds upon hundreds of subdivisions available in Middleton. Some of which are built with beautiful spec homes, while others still have open lots for custom construction. With these favorable conditions, many builders form the area come to Middleton multiple times a year to build new homes, allowing buyers who want to build a home the opportunity to compare different builders to find the one that is right for them.

The Builders of Middleton

There are many builders that operate out of the Treasure Valley that also work in Middleton. These builders are both talented and well known for it. Three of the notable builders that do work in Middleton are Boise Hunter Homes, Alturas Homes, and Paradigm Homes. The following is a quick comparison of these builders to show their strengths and core values in hope that it will help you decide with is the best for you. However, further investigation and research should be done before choosing a builder as there are other specifics about these builders that are not listed here.

Boise Hunter Homes

It’s vital to have a good builder on your side when build a home and whether it is your first or your last, Boise Hunter Homes is there to help. They have a commitment to build, not just great houses, but foundations of trust with their clients. Their experienced team knows what it takes to make your dreams come true and they put that knowledge to work for you the moment you walk in their door.

In an effort to build the perfect home for their clients, the Boise Hunter Homes team offers a large library of over 50 customizable floorplans. These floorplans are for homes of every shape, size, and style—from cottage to luxury—and can be either one or two stories. This allows even the most meticulous clients to plan out their perfect home.

Alturas Homes

One of Alturas Home’s boldest guarantees is that building your own home does not have to be stressful. They focus on their clients and make sure that they are comfortable, on the same page with the design and building crews, and overall happy with the project as it goes further. They have adopted a live happy philosophy that bleeds into everything they do, making it hard not to enjoy yourself when working with Alturas.

In total, the Alturas Homes team has over fifty years of experience in the construction industry. Their ‘go the extra mile’ mentality allows them to connect that experience with their client’s desires and increases client satisfaction.

Paradigm Homes

Paradigm Homs is one of the Treasure Valley’s most memorable builders. If you are looking for a beautiful home, then Paradigm is the company to call. They take priced in their above average and high quality products and has centered their company around the principles of honesty, integrity, and hard work.

To ensure their claims of high quality products, Paradigm Homes has committed to having supervisors monitor every stage of the building process controlling the quality of construction. This supervision also ensures that their homes and projects are completed in a timely manner as to not waste their client’s time.

Amenities in Middleton

When it comes to amenities, the City of Middleton, as with its inexpensive quality homes, does not disappoint. Middleton is a small town, there is no denying that, but as a small town, it has the charm one would expect. It is full of friendly people, surrounded by the beauties of nature, and even allows its residents easy access to the Boise River.

For resident shopping needs, there are two stores inside the city limits but the city is also close to Caldwell and Nampa which offers other shopping opportunities. There are also several city and community parks in the city for locals to enjoy as well as quick access to the cities of Star and Eagle (two of the most sought after cities in the Treasure Valley that also have many parks, golf courses, and shops).

If you are looking for a comfortable and serene place to live, then Middleton is the place for you. To learn more about Middleton, or the rest of the Treasure Valley, contact one of our local agents and they will be happy to help you.

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