Kitchen Must Haves

No matter what kind of home you have, you may find yourself spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Many say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, or, rather, the most important room in the home. It’s where you cook, eat, and socialize. So, for many homeowners, having the right gadgets in the kitchen is a must to make it efficient and fun. The following is a list of some of the cool gadgets we suggest for your kitchen.

Cupcake Creations

When you take the time to make cupcakes, you want to make them well. No one wants to make bland cupcakes, so, to at least make them visually appealing, you can get a two tone cupcake insert. This handy gadget lays across your cupcake tray, creating a separation between the batter you put in the center, and the batter you put around the outside. This way, when you are getting ready for your next bake sale, you can make them one color on the outside and a different color on the inside; surprising everyone who takes a bite!

The Herb Mill

Adding herbs to a dish can make and ordinary meal extraordinary, and, when the herbs are fresh, it makes it ten times better. The only problem is that preparing your herbs by hand is not the most fun thing in the world. However, if you invest in a mini herb mill, you can cut the preparation time, not just the herbs, in half. There are many different designs and models of herb mills that can be purchased at a variety of prices, so pick the one that works best for you and your cooking habits and never stress over fresh herbs again.

Spaghetti Measurer

Guessing whether you have enough spaghetti for a meal is never a fun game; it’s like being on Jeopardy when they start asking questions about nuclear fission. You never get it right, no matter how right you think you are. No matter what kind of spaghetti measurer you have, getting one will be one of the greatest investments of your life—assuming you eat a lot of spaghetti. They can be found online for anywhere from $5 to $30, so there is a wide variety of types to try.

The Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

This little gadget allows you to load soap into its handle to be dispensed on command straight into the brush. This way there is less wasted soap and less time spent trying to pour dish soup on the dish. The soap dispensing brush is a tool that can save you both time and money, and it is sold at almost all department stores. They are more common now so their designs and prices have changed over time which means there is a larger variety to choose from.

Collapsible Silicone Utensils

Silicone is a versatile rubber. It can last for a long time and withstand intense heat before it melts, which makes it great for cooking. There have been many companies that have made spatulas and other such utensils, but the real value of silicone is in its collapsibility. Whether it be measuring cups or pasta strainers, it can be made with silicone. The great thing, however, is that the flexibility of silicone allows it to made so it will collapse when you need it to, and therefore take up less space in your cupboards and drawers. These can be purchased at most department stores for a very affordable price. They will last for much longer than normal plastic kitchenware and can also help maximize the space in your kitchen.

Pot and Frying Pan Spouts

It’s happened to us all; losing meat or pasta down the sink when trying to drain the grease or water out of a dish. It’s aggravating, however, if you don’t want to buy a silicone strainer to handle the heat, you can look into buying a frying pan/pot spout. These handle little things allow you to drain straight from the pot without worrying about losing any meat or pasta. It is also useful for gravy or sauces so the pot doesn’t get messy.

Apple Corers

It isn’t something that people normally think about, but getting an apple corer can be quite useful in the kitchen. Whether it’s for snacks or for a recipe, you can get an apple meal ready in seconds.

The Can Strainer

This is a small tool that attaches to the top of the can after you have opened it. It has a bunch of small holes punched through it so that with a quick turn you can easily drain the can of all the liquid without losing an ounce of your olives or mushrooms or whatever you may be eating.

Hamburger Stuffers

Cheeseburgers, whether they are vegetarian or not, are delicious, and practically a symbol of the American summer. However, this year, bring some flair to your barbeque with a hamburger stuffer. This gadget lets you put a depression in your meat so that you can fill it with cheese, or whatever else you might want to put in it. The way it works is like this, first you make the lower half of the patty (half the thickness you want the whole thing to be, then you use the stuffer to add the depression. From there you just add whatever you want to your burger and seal it off with the other half of the patty. This way, when they come off the grill they will be filled to the brim with deliciously melty cheese. (Be sure to warn whomever you are cooking them for, you don’t want them to burn themselves).

Tools like these can make your cooking and cleaning go a lot faster, and sometimes more fun -- which is important when you are on a deadline. So, find yourself a cool gadget that will help you dominate your next food project.

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