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Building a new home in Idaho is not a novel idea. Every year, hundreds of Idahoans, as well as those who are newcomers, decide to venture out and build their own home. Building can be a tricky process, and, in order to navigate the waters more carefully, it is important to have a good builder on your side. Even though choosing a builder is a long and very detailed process, here is brief overview of some of the builders in the area. This is just for quick information, it is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all their pros and cons or what they offer—for that information you will need to contact each builder specifically.

Boise Hunter Homes

The Boise Hunter Homes company is a well-known building team in the Treasure Valley. They are always on the ball, and will always be looking out for their clients. Their team is made up of experienced designers, sales agents, and builders that work together to give their clients the best product possible.

Boise Hunter Homes builds in over 8 communities all over the Treasure Valley, so no matter where you want to live, you can easily find a neighborhood where they build. Their communities range from the serene countryside of Eagle, the city side environment of Boise, or the suburbia of Meridian.

You won’t regret working with Boise Hunter Homes. Their 50+ customizable blueprints allow you to design a home that has everything you want. This also allows their clients to rest assured that they won’t be living in a cookie cutter home or neighborhood.

Corey Barton Homes

In the realm of home building, the Corey Barton Homes (CBH Homes) team is one of the best there is. When you work with Corey Barton Homes, you gain access to a well trained staff that has your best interests at heart. A well-trained staff whose whole purpose is to make your dreams come true. They employ the best designers, builders, and agents so that your dream home will built with accuracy and fine craftsmanship.

For the Corey Barton Homes Team, getting your home done in a timely manner is one of their biggest goals. They try to get every project done within five months of the original signing. This is perfectly outlined in their Start to Home 5 Month Plan, a plan that walks clients through the 6 stages of the building process so they will know and understand where the project is at any point.

The Corey Barton Homes company also has a vast library of floor-plans—each one customizable. This allows clients to choose from dozens of different choices, instead of a choice few that the company is trying to promote.

These floorplans are also very affordable, a quality that they Corey Barton Homes staff takes great pride in.

Paradigm Construction (Sometimes called Paradigm Homes)

If you are looking for a luxury home that is both elegant and cost effective, than building with Paradigm Construction is the way to go. They strive to build homes of high quality that are beautiful and comfortable for their clients. Homes that their clients will be proud to live in.

For the staff at Paradigm Construction, customer satisfaction is their top priority. They are committed to providing their clients with good products for the best deal available. Not to mention, they are in all the best locations around the valley. Customers of Paradigm Construction will easily fall in love with the neighborhoods they choose to build in. These neighborhoods are decked out with parks, pools, clubhouses, and more.

The people of Paradigm also believe in strict quality control. They check and monitor every stage of the building process so that the home a client ends up with is the same as the one they wanted. This quality control is another way that Paradigm Construction shows their commitment to customer satisfaction—among many other things.

Alturas Homes

Many people believe that the home building process is a time for stress, but it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, the people at Alturas Homes believe that can be quite on the contrary. At Alturas Homes, they believe in happy living and will do everything they can to make sure their clients enjoy their new home, and have an exciting and fulfilling experience with their designers and builders.

Altogether, the builders, sales agents, and designers of Alturas Homes have over 50 years of experience in construction. This expertise allows them to not only build amazing houses, but to also make their clients dreams come to life—giving them exactly what they want and more. Another thing that their years of experience has taught them is the value of going the extra mile. The Alturas Homes team is always looking out for ways to help their clients whether it be with the house, financing, or communications.

For Alturas Homes, building amazing homes is not enough, they love to build their homes in great neighborhoods—neighborhoods that have all the amenities that their clients could ever want. They build in some of the most well-known neighborhoods in Eagle, Star, and Meridian. These neighborhoods are not only close to great shopping centers, outdoor activities, and valuable public works, but they are also furnished with parks, playgrounds, and pools—as well as other useful amenities like clubhouses and leisure paths.

There are many more builders that operate in the Treasure Valley, some of which are skilled in particular types of new construction, and some even more experienced as the builders on this list. Choosing a builder, however, is a delicate process—one that relies on a client’s tastes, preferences, and budget. So, if you are looking to build a home in Idaho, do your research and find a builder that is right for you.

To learn more about Boise, the Treasure Valley, or Idaho in general, contact one of our local agents—they will be glad to help you. Don’t hesitate to give them a call, or to stop by Boise when you have the chance.

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