Homes for Sale in Meridian Idaho

If you have ever looked into buying a home in the Treasure Valley, then you have probably heard of the City of Meridian. It is the third largest city in the state (by population) and is almost an inseparable part of the City of Boise as well. Meridian is settled just west of Boise—east of Nampa. It started out as a tiny farming community but quickly grew into the thriving suburbia that it is today. More and more people move to Meridian every year which begs the question: what makes it so great? What makes Meridian Idaho such a great place to live? Why have over 83,000 people decided to call it home, and take up residence there?

Meridian, Idaho’s Atmosphere

Even though Meridian is a large suburban city and is home to hundreds of neighborhoods, restaurants, businesses, and stores, it still offers its residents a small town charm unlike any other city in the Treasure Valley. Its combination of rural space, suburbs, and parks makes it prime real estate for people looking for a quiet and calm place to settle down.

Meridian Homes for Sale

You can find just about every type of home in Meridian. It is home to cottage style homes, 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch style homes, mansions, and much more. Much of Meridian is made up of quaint ranch style homes, but there are also large neighborhoods of luxury homes, and vast neighborhoods with lots of acreage per lot. The average lot size however, is about a quarter of an acre or a tenth of an acre—depending on the price and neighborhood.

Meridian, Idaho’s Neighborhoods

Since Meridian has expanded so much in the last 10 to 15 years there are many new construction neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are well constructed and will also be coupled with multiple amenities for its residents to enjoy. Some of these amenities include, but are not limited to, community pools, clubhouses, community Jacuzzis, and sometimes water features. However, more often than not, a neighborhood in Meridian will have the equipment for basketball, tennis, and volleyball, as well as the traditional playground and park equipment.

The neighborhoods in Meridian are also usually situated near to other great amenities like grocery stores, doctor’s offices, city parks, restaurants, entertainment opportunities and more.

Meridian’s Amenities

There is a plethora of amenities available to the citizens of Meridian—amenities that can be easily accessed from every part of the city with ease. Some of these amenities include parks, shopping opportunities, and entertainment establishments.

Meridian Parks

Even though they were a part of the section above, parks are a big part of the culture in the City of Meridian. With much of its parks and rec attention put on to the development of parks, it is no surprise that Meridian has some of the most well-known, and best attended, parks in the valley. One such park is the massive multi acre park located in East Meridian called Kleiner Park. This park was once part of the Kleiner Family farm until it was donated to the city and converted into a city park. Complete with acres upon acres of open grassy fields and rolling hills, playground equipment, amphitheater, fishing pond, and pavilion, this park has nearly everything anyone could ever want in a park.

Shopping Centers and Entertainment in Meridian

The Village at Meridian

A neighbor to Kleiner Park, the Village at Meridian is a new addition to the City of Meridian’s repertoire of shopping centers. The Village at Meridian (the Village for short) is an enormous outdoor mall that is made up of several streets of designer shops, gathering areas, restaurants, and much more. Designed to look and feel like an old European village, the Village is built around an open square. This square is lined with elegant dining establishments, great shops, and even the entrance to the movie theater and bowling alley.

The centerpiece of the Village’s inner square is the playground and water and light show. An attraction that also includes a miniature ice rink in the winter time.

Other Shopping Centers in Meridian

Aside from the Village, there are plenty of other shopping opportunities in Meridian. In fact there are dozens of bulk food stores, department stores, grocery stores, and restaurants to choose from. These stores, along with several dozen specialty shops, are placed all over the city, making it easy for anyone to access them.

Downtown Boise, only a 20 to 30 minute drive from Meridian, is another great spot for shopping. If Meridian residents want to enjoy Boise’s thriving urban downtown, they can do so with relative ease.

Entertainment in Meridian

As far as entertainment is concerned, Meridian has it all. Meridian, Idaho is home to a movie theater, water park, dozens of city and community parks, sports arenas, recreation centers, dance studios, and more. Not to mention, there is always something new around the corner, so there really is no limit to all the great things that are available to residents of Meridian.

Natural Amenities

The Treasure Valley is a best-of-both-worlds kind of place. There are urban and suburban areas, as well as quick access to the great outdoors. Meridian, though it is in the relative center of the Treasure Valley, it too is close to many outdoor amenities.

Within only two hours of Meridian, residents can easily be at the tallest sand dunes in North America, one of two resort towns, a number of ski resorts, and more.

These are only a few of the amenities and facts there are to know about Meridian. To find out more, come experience it for yourself. Contact one of our licensed agents to find the best times to come see Meridian, Boise, or any other city in the Treasure Valley.

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