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If you are moving into your first home and want to make your kitchen as functional as possible -- or maybe you want to just revamp your existing kitchen’s usability -- then you are in the right place. Many people would have you believe that you need to have the latest and greatest gadgets to bring out your kitchen’s true potential, but that simply isn’t true. In fact, it is quite the opposite. If you are wanting to increase the usability, functionality, or scope of your kitchen then you need only look as far as the home section at your local grocery store. Not the section with all the expensive appliances, but the ones with your basic everyday ones, because these are the ones that will be the most useful to you. The following is a list of the kitchen gadgets and tools that you really need to level-up your kitchen and you will be surprised how simple it really is.

The Humble Egg Slicer

Now, you may look at an egg slicer and simply see a way to enjoy your delicious hardboiled eggs, but what you don’t see is one of the most universal tools in the kitchen. You may have already had one in your home, but, honestly, you won’t be able to look at it differently after today.

The fun thing about an egg slicer is that it doesn’t have to just be for eggs. For instance, if you are making a pizza, then you can easily take your olives and mushrooms and lay them in your egg slicer and slice them up in no time at all. No more fiddling with a sharp paring knife, risking a cut finger on your olives and mushrooms. However, its usefulness does not stop with pizzas and hardboiled eggs. You can also use them on soft fruits like grapes, strawberries, and so on. These softer fruits will be made short work of by the egg slicer-- saving you time in the process.

Another use is for butter. Let’s say you want to have perfectly cut slices of butter for your pancakes, or potatoes, or whatever you are having, cutting stick butter to the perfect size can be a bit tedious. However, if you can get the butter to room temperature, you can take the egg slicer to it and BAM you have yourself some perfect butter squares.

Pizza Stone

Now that you can use your egg slicer to prepare most of your pizza toppings, you may be more inclined to make yourself a pizza. However, in your kitchen of gadgets, where would you be without a pizza stone? If you do any sort of housewarming party or anything of the sort when you move into your new home you definitely need to request a pizza stone or two. These things can take your pizza from good to great-- from ordinary to extraordinary. They can be found at just about any department store or online for less than a $25.

Stock Pot

The stock pot is another humble addition that you would be at a loss without in your new home. If you decide to entertain at any point, you will want a stock pot. It can be good for large servings of soup, warm drinks, and so on. They may seem overkill at first, but they can really come in handy when you are working with large groups of people. Most of them can be pretty inexpensive so keep looking until you find on in your price range.

Slow Cooker

This kitchen gadget may not have been to the first one on your list, but trust us, it is definitely worth your time. The slow cooker, usually known as a crock pot, is a machine that is designed to cook your stew, roasts, and anything else for that matter at a slow pace. This allows the meat or vegetables get tender and marinate in the juices of all the other food in your pot.

Another great thing about the slow cooker is that it is designed to keep slowly. This means it does not need as much constant care as a normal meal would. Though they should never be left unattended for long periods of time, they can be set to do their thing hours before it is time to eat so you can focus on other things.

Food Processor

Have you ever wanted to just put your potatoes, carrots, or other hard foods in the blender and dice them all up only to realize that your blender can’t handle it? Well, never fear, there is a solution: the food processor. This awesome machine is what every blender aspires to be. The food processor, though it comes in many different sizes, is an awesome tool that can make short work of any and all veggies, roots, meats, and so on. It can certainly save you time as you are preparing meals. Some food processors come with attachments that even allow you to shred cheese! That means no more tiring moments at the mercy of the cheese grater-- all you need to do is put it together, turn it on, and send the cheese on the ride of its life.


The kettle, whether electric or not, is another must have for any new homeowner in the Boise area. Whether you plan to use it for tea, hot coco, or anything else for that matter, the electric kettle is a must have. ‘Why?’ you may ask. Well, in short: it is more versatile than you are led to believe. For instance, with your kettle you can cook spaghetti noodles, soup, hardboiled eggs, and so forth. (Soup and Spaghetti should only be done in a normal kettle so they do not damage the electric one). It is so useful because it can act as a pot, but it also lets you know when it has risen to a boil.


Aside from the obvious uses for a blender like making milkshakes, smoothies, and adult beverages, there are actually quite a few awesome uses for a blender that you may not have thought of. First of all, bread crumbs. If you have ever had bread that is about to go bad and you can’t eat it in time, dry it out and through it in the blender. This will give you perfectly crumbled bread crumbs in no time -- saving you money and time on trips to the grocery store to buy bread crumbs. However, the uses don’t stop there. You can also use it to mix your batter for cakes, waffles, pancakes, muffins, etc. Since it works like an electric mixer, why not use it like one? You can also use it as a food processor for softer foods if you can’t get a hold of a real food processor. (Just be careful what you put in the blender -- you wouldn’t want to break it).

Splatter Screen

If you have ever cooked anything with grease or oil, you know how terrible it can be to have some hot oil pop and land on your skin. It’s agonizing! However, there is a way to prevent it -- aside from putting on thick clothing or hiding behind a makeshift shield. The answer: the splatter screen. The splatter screen is a metal wire mesh that can be placed over the top of a pan of hot oil. When oil pops out it hits the screen and falls back inside the oil. Now, this is different from a normal lid because it allows the air to escape while containing the oil.

There are obviously more kitchen essentials that we haven’t mentioned here, but this will get you started. Just remember, don’t immediately go for the expensive appliances when trying to make your kitchen more versatile, look to what your local department store will sell you for under $25.

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