A-Maze-ing Fun In Idaho!


“We came left… No, right… right?” Have you ever tried your hand at a maze or labyrinth? It is a mind boggling and exciting experience. There is something about getting lost in, and finding your way out of, a maze. Nowadays, there aren’t many large mazes that you can get lost in, but an attraction that has become a great Treasure Valley tradition may be able to give you a taste: Corn Mazes.

History of Corn Mazes

It is rumored that corn mazes began after the crop circle hype of the the 1990’s. The first mazes were started in the mid to late 1990’s in England and the Western United States. They have quickly grown to be a great aspect of agri-business.

Treasure Valley Corn mazes

In the Treasure Valley, there are two large corn mazes every year. The Farmstead, and Linder Farms. They both get lots of traffic every season and are constantly expanding.

The Farmstead

The Farmstead is located of interstate 84 and Eagle Road in Meridian. It is also known as Idaho’s Original Corn Maze as it was the first maze to come to the valley. There are three different mazes at the Farmstead. The main maze, the Kiddie Maze, and the Field of Screams.

The main maze is a large 18 acre field that takes on a different design every year. They have done designs like the face of a penny, a pirate ship and much much more. This maze is usually has two sections to explore, making it twice the fun.

The Kiddie Maze is carved from the same field as the main maze, but is a lot shorter of a route and a lot simpler. This makes it great for those that don’t feel like taking on the long labyrinth of the main maze.

The Field of Screams is the Farmstead’s “haunted house”. You can go through the maze if you dare, but be aware that you may run into some ghouls and goblins on your trip. The Field of Screams is only open on Friday and Saturday Nights.

Aside from the mazes, the Farmstead has quite a few other attractions. For instance, the Pumpkin Patch. You see, the Farmstead doesn’t want you to leave empty handed, so they have picked pumpkins for you to chose from, for a low price. But if you would rather, you can take a hay ride out to the pumpkin field and pick which one you like. You can also buy gourds and corn stalks to take home.

If you are more of racing fan, on the hour there are also pig races in the main courtyard. You can watch as these amazing, and fast, piglets race each other around and see who is the fastest!

The other Farmstead activities include: hayrides, a cow train for the kids, a haunted tour of “The Beast” (Giant inflated iguana) the jumping pillow and more. There are lots of things to do at the Farmstead, no matter your age.

The Farmstead was created back in 1997 by Brett Herbst. It then passed through hands until it reached the Lowe Family who currently own and operate it. Jim Lowe has designed corn mazes for years and has used his talents here in the Treasure Valley since 2006.

Linder Farms

Linder Farms is also in Meridian on Linder road and Lake Hazel Road. Linder Farm’s corn maze is fifteen acre corn maze and a twenty acre pumpkin patch, but that is not all. Linder Farm has a lot of other attractions that it’s almost a regular carnival!

Among the attractions, here are a few of the more exciting ones:

The Dangle Hopper

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be shot into the air by a giant rubber band? Well, if so, you’re in luck, the Dangle Hopper a giant, but safe, human sling shot. When you ride it, you are strapped into a harness that is on the end of several high performance rubber bands that stretch to the tops of two tall poles. The officials harness you in and you fly. After you go up about fifteen to twenty feet you come back down on to the inflated balloon base you launched from.

The Mechanical Bull

Atop another comfortable inflated base is a full sized mechanical bull. You can test your strength against this crazy ride and see if you can stay on longer than everyone else.

At Linder Farms there is also laser tag, hayrides, a bungee run and much more. Just about anything you could want is there. Oh, and there’s food.

So, whether you decide to go to Linder Farms, or the Farmstead, you can bet you will have fun at a corn maze. With all the attractions and what not, there is something that will get everyone. Next chance you get, check one out.




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