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Where is Eagle Idaho?

Eagle Idaho is a small town in the Treasure Valley that is home to approximately 20,000 people. It is located just north of Boise at the boarders of the Boise Foothills (or the tail end for that matter). It is not an urban city by any means, and it is not a purely rural community; the community of Eagle very well may be the best of both worlds if you can’t decide between rural or urban. It is a beautiful fusion of charming city streets and rolling green pastures.

Why would I want to buy a home in Eagle Idaho?

If the above paragraph didn’t already convince you to buy a home in Eagle, then this one definitely will.

The first thing to consider is that Eagle is home some fabulous homes, and there are quite a lot of homes for sale. These homes come in all shapes and sizes (something we will cover in the next section) but there is a common thread running through them, and that is quality. There is a great sense of good quality housing in Eagle. This is, thanks to several reasons, but it can mainly be contributed to the recent expansion of the City of Eagle. Most of Eagle’s growth has been within the last ten years, and home builders and home buyers have been very particular about the quality of homes built and bought.

Eagle Idaho has small-town charm

With such a small population, it is no surprise that Eagle has that ever coveted small-town charm. The people are friendly, the streets are calm, sometimes quite serene, and the landscapes are as beautiful as ever. The City of Eagle also has the Boise River running straight through it which offers peaceful places to fish, enjoy a leisurely trip down the Greenbelt (which runs along the river bank), or just sit in the shade on a cool summer day.

There are great amenities in Eagle

Eagle is home to some awesome amenities. There are places to shop, eat, play, and socialize. There are parks, playgrounds, libraries, community centers, and much more. While it has many things to enjoy, Eagle is still small and doesn’t have room for everything. So, one of the best amenities that Eagle has is its quick access to Boise and Meridian. These two cities are the first and third largest in the state and have many of the great amenities one could want. With just a quick trip down Eagle Road (Highway 55), an Eagle resident can easily enjoy all the great things both Boise and Meridian have to offer and in very little time.

What kind of homes are for sale in Eagle Idaho?

There are many homes in Eagle, and at any given moment there are always many homes for sale (whether they are newly built homes or preexisting homes).

Residential Properties in Eagle Idaho

Residential properties are probably the kind of properties most people look for when they hope on their local real estate website, and by golly, Eagle sure has plenty of them.

There are some great homes in Eagle. As we said earlier, there are many different shapes and sizes of homes in Eagle. There are:

1. Ranch Style Homes— your standard square or L-shaped house

2. Craftsman Style Homes— characterized by exposed beams and a general cabin theme

3. Luxury Homes— these are your large houses the ones that are over 3,000 square feet

Single-Family with Acreage

Residential homes with land are another very popular part of Eagle real estate. There are many homes, in all the styles listed above, which have some acreage. Whether you want to have horses, grow some crops or anything else for that matter, then these are the homes for you. On our website, you can go into the advanced search settings and even select the amount of acreage you want with your home it will pull up every Eagle home for sale with that much land.


There are also many different properties in Eagle that are simply undeveloped land. This is ideal for those who want to build a home or want to develop it to sell. Whichever category you fall into, you are going to love all the land there is in Eagle (and for excellent prices as well).

Residential Income

Now, if you are looking to make some money on the home you buy in Eagle, then residential income will be the way to go. There are duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, apartment buildings, and single-family units for sale that you can easily purchase for the purpose of renting out. For more information on how to do that, contact one of our agents. They will be glad to help you figure out the logistics of this transaction.

How much do homes in Eagle Idaho cost?

The short answer here is approximately $300,000. Now, this is an approximate median. There are many that are less than this, and quite a few that are more. So, no matter what your budget is, you can easily find yourself a home that fits your needs.

What is there to do for people who live in Eagle Idaho?

We have covered this already, though, there are a lot of things that Eagle residents can do for fun. There are restaurants and diners (some are franchise chains, and some are homegrown Eagle originals) as well as many great outdoor activities to do. There is also an excellent library, several martial arts studios, and plenty of miles of Boise River bank ideal for enjoyment.

The Eagle Island State Park is one of the biggest attractions for people in Eagle. It is a massive island in the Boise River that is home to a natural water park, many acres that are perfect for horseback riding, and even incredible photography opportunities. You really ought to check out Eagle Island State Park as soon as you can as it is an excellent way to feel the spirit of Eagle.

Not to mention there is quick access to many of the surrounding cities …

What surrounds Eagle Idaho?

Surrounding Eagle Idaho are four cities, Boise, Garden City, Meridian, and Star. These four cities vary in size, but they all have some great things to offer. Boise and Meridian are the ones that offer the most to Eagle residents as they are home to many stores, parks, libraries, theaters, and much more.

Come check out Eagle for yourself today! You won’t regret it. If you want to look into buying a house in Eagle, contact one of our real estate agents here at the Hughes Group. They can help you find the Eagle Home that will be ideal to fit your needs.

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