DIY Storage Hacks

One thing that many homeowners worry about a lot is storage. Storage is a necessary thing. You’ve gotta have places to store things. If you are strapped for space and still have stuff you need to store, here are a few ideas that can help you to get the space you need:

1) Tennis Ball Key or Pen Holder

This is a pretty common life hack. What you do is you take a tennis ball and cut a line about a third of the way down the ball that is about an inch or so long. You then mount this on your wall using a suction cup or a screw through the back. You can then put your keys or mail or what have you in the slit and it will hold it for you (weight permitting). This eliminates the space you would have used for a key bowl. For extra measure, you can add a couple of googly eyes, thus giving it a little more personality.

2) Unnoticed Space

There are plenty of places to stash away a box or two all over the house. One of the most commonly unused ones is under the bed. There are quite a few retailers that sell thin tubs and boxes for storing things under the bed. If your bed is too short you can buy risers in various sizes to give you more room. Some of these are also equipped with plugs for charging your electronics. Now, you aren’t just limited to beds. You can also do this with couches to an extent. Couches will probably need to be a lower size riser and you will also be limited to certain types of couches.

3) Dead Space

Dead space is an interesting concept. These spaces are the places in your home that you really can’t do much with. For example, the space above the door, small crawl spaces or nooks, and even the back of doors. If you are using the space above the door, either an inexpensive shelf, or command hooks are the best idea. If you have command hooks you can hang suitcases or bags (full or not) above the door. A shelf is pretty self-explanatory, just install a shelf that can hold a tub or box or something. This will give you a little extra room to store things.

The back of the door is a great place for shoe holders. You can buy a hook that will sit on the top of the door that you can hang things on. Shoe holders have many pockets so they are great for storing just about anything.

Small nooks and such are great for shelves and cabinets and things. If the space is tall enough you can add in a coat rack or something to that effect.

4) The Bathroom

For more space in the restroom you can take a small section a half inch or a quarter inch PVC pipe and glue, zip tie, or magnetize it to the side of your medicine cabinet or sink. This gives you a perfect little holder for your toothbrush. With that new holder, you can use your counter or cabinet space for something else.

5) Space In Your Closet

If your closet is too small for your clothes there are a few things you can do. First, you can pick up some more PVC pipe and build a simple clothes rack. This can be done fairly easily and can be aesthetically pleasing. Another option is to buy a bit of light weight chain and use it as a tiered clothes hanger.

Another trick for your clothes has to do with how you put them in their drawers. Normally people stack their folded clothes one on top of the other. This is ok, but if you lay them in vertically in a row you get a little bit more space out of the drawer, and you can see all your shirts instead of digging through all of them to see what is still clean.

6) Movies and Books

With small, rectangular things like books and movies, you want to be able to see all the titles, so you end up lining them all up spine out. This ends up taking a lot of room because if you have more movies than shelf. However, if you can stack them two deep and set the back row on top of an old phone book you can effectively use the space and still see all your titles.

These are just a few ideas you can use in your own home to get more use out of your space. No matter how big your home is, there is some space you probably haven’t discovered. So, keep your eyes peeled.

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