DIY Home Improvements: Soundproofing and Fire Pits

So, you’ve just moved into your new home, maybe you’re in Boise or Meridian, or even Star. No matter where you are though, you are probably looking for some way to personalize or customize your home- in an inexpensive way, preferably. But you are not sure how. Well, look no further, here are some ideas that you can use to modify your new Idaho home.

1) Soundproofing

So, maybe you like to make more noise than you thought. Whether it’s music, movies or parties, noise isn’t something that you want disturbing your new neighbors. Though, with all the costs of moving, you don’t really want to pay a lot of money to soundproof your house. There are however a few different things that you can do to inexpensively keep the sound in your house.

Of course, if you have the money to have it professionally done, that will yield the greatest results. But, for those of you who are more adventurous there is a way to do it yourself. By using duct board, a fiberglass insulator for ventilation ducts, you can successfully create a soundproof room.

Soundwaves are just like any other force, if there is something to absorb the vibrations, it stops. By covering your walls in duct board, you provide that layer of cushion for the vibrations. Installing them can be done by using two or three three inch screws per panel.

However, not many people what to cover their rooms with ugly chrome colored panels. So, if you take the time to buy a few yards of a desired fabric and wrap the panels first, you can make is look like part of the interior design. Now, the panels don’t have to completely cover the whole wall to dampen the sound, though that would be the most effective method, you can space the panels out, adding to the artistic design.

2) Backyard Fire Pit

(Note: remember to always check your city fire code and HOA rules before proceeding with this project. Some areas in Idaho restrict backyard fires.)

There are those cool nights where you think to yourself, we need a campfire, but unfortunately, the barbeque just doesn’t quite cut it. You need an actual fire pit you can load up with wood and laze around, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money on one either. There are many ways to build one but here’s how you can do it fairly inexpensively:

Run down to your local hardware store and ask for their landscaping department. There they should have garden wall blocks or other rocks; you will need roughly nine 8 x 12 in. concrete blocks for each layer of the pit wall. (if you want to use different rocks or want to have a different size fire pit then you will need to do the math on that) If you want to have more than one level of blocks for the wall you will need to buy the same number of blocks for every row.

Next you will need to haul all those blocks home and work on preparing the ground. If your yard has grass, which most Idaho homes do, you will need to dig up the grass in the same shape as the pit will be. Once that is discarded, you can leave the ground like that or you can sprinkle an inch or two of sand down for good measure. If you want to go pro on this project you can even get a circular sheet of metal the same size as your pit to put in the bottom as well. Next you will need to arrange the blocks in a circle around the newly cleared area. (Note: if you are doing multiple levels of wall than you should off set the bricks to add stability.) Once you’ve done that you are ready to get wood and marshmallows and you are good to go.

If you want to go a little more pro on this project you can also make the area a foot wider on the ground and layer it with landscaping cloth and finish it off with a bit of gravel. This will add to the appearance, but not the functionality of the fire pit. There are also many accessories that you can buy for your fire pit, like fire pit screens, fire pokers etc. Go crazy with it. The s'mores are calling you.

These are just two ideas that you can do to modify your home, different things can be done with almost every house in any area provided the regulations are adhered to. Your home is customizable, just use your imagination.

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