Boise North End; The Heart of Boise

The Boise community is diverse. There are many different aspects of it. There are tons of different neighborhoods, different cultures and different foods. One of these cultures, one of these neighborhoods, is the North End.

Lying just north of downtown Boise, the North End is what is left of Boise’s first ‘sub urban’ area. The plots were divided and arranged for the residents back in the late 1800’s. It was Boise, back in that time. In those city blocks lies the unique history and style of old Boise. The city is doing it’s best to preserve the area, while also allowing people to enjoy living in their historic homes. In order to do this, the city has enacted certain renovation laws for that area. Owners and tenants of houses in the North End are allowed to remodel as much as they want provided that the outward appearance of the house remains the same.

The schools in the North End are the same. Though the schools are old and not equipt with newer materials, the residents of the North End all agree that having those students around brings a youthful joy to the area.

One of the North End’s best qualities is it’s walkability. When you are in the North End, everything you need is in a short distance. There are sidewalks and bike paths everywhere connecting the people together. The schools, stores, and parks are all so close together which allows for enjoyment across the board.

Hyde Park is another amazing part of the North End. Hyde park historical district is famous for it’s specialty shops and restaurants. The old architecture gives all the shops an old fashion feel to them. However, the greatest and most exciting part about Hyde Park is the street fair.

The street fair is huge. It’s held in Camel’s Back Park, which is just up the road from Hyde Park. The vendors at the fair have a large array of different crafts, foods, and novelties. People from all over the Treasure Valley come to this event. It started back in the late 1970’s/ early 1980’s as a part of the Hippie movement, but has now become a great Boise tradition.

The North End is also the home of TRICA (the Treasure Valley Institute for Children’s Arts). The institute is a place where children can go and be inculturated into the world of music and art. Their philosophy is that the arts are a vital part of society and it will enrich the lives of the children who participate. The institute offers classes in different forms of dance, art education, ballet, and even african drumming. It truly a wonderful institution.

Their belief is that through the arts children can grow to be better people. Their mission statement says,”TRICA provides meaningful experiences in the arts taught by outstanding and loving educators, inspiring the children of the Treasure Valley to Develop attitudes and values contributing to a stronger sense of community, humanity and good will.”

The North End also has many parks and areas for relaxation and recreation. As stated above, Camel’s Back Park is a huge part of the North End community. The park has many different facilities for volleyball, tennis, picnics and more. The park also offers full access to the Boise foothills. Many Boise residents, from the North End or elsewhere, love to spend time in the large grassy acreage that is Camel’s Back.

The Boise River Recreation Park (otherwise known as the Sports Park) is another valuable asset to the North End. Though it lies on the outskirts, the North End has jovially adopted the park as a part of it’s neighborhood. Complete with a beach front, dock and swimming area, the sports park is a little bit of Cali here in Idaho.

The Recreation Park was started as a project to restore the section of the Boise River between Fairview and Veteran’s Memorial bridges. However, the project was not just for restoring the river, but restoring the community. The Boise River Park was a project that was designed to boost the Boise economy, community and ecosystem. The park has expanded the valley’s interest in kayaking, boating and so on.

All of these things, are amazing parts of Boise’s culture, and they are all thanks to the North End. This area of Boise isn’t just another neighborhood, it isn’t just a historical area, it’s the heart of a legacy. The North End is arguably a central part of Boise life. Possibly go down there, and experience the spirit of Boise.,_Boise,_Idaho

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