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You have no doubt heard about the recent kidnappings and attacks of real estate agents across America. They can be quite scary, but if you take time to prepare yourself you may increase your odds of coming home safe at night.

Now, this article is broken up into three sections: safeguarding your personal information, securing your computer, and prioritizing safety when with clients. Each section is important, and the topics may be thoroughly studied beyond just reading this article.

WARNING: Following these guidelines do not guarantee protection from harm, though it may increase your odds of safety. 

Beware of Giving Out Your Personal Information:

As in all things, you should be careful what information you let out into the open, especially…

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Building a new home is one part chaos and two parts adventure. It is an experience that can be either rewarding or disappointing which is due to the nature of the project. There are many things that go into building a home like choosing a design, choosing a location, and finding a builder who will work in the location you’ve chosen, and all of these decisions can drastically change the outcome of the project. So, it is imperative that these decisions are made well and with much thought.

STAR: a location unlike any other

Located just west of Eagle and north of Meridian lies the small city of Star. It is called home by 6,600 or so people and is a gathering place for those looking to lead a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. It started out,…

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The last 100 years has seen so many amazing advancements in technology. Today we have gadgets and gizmos that were thought to only exist in science fiction; we have methods of transportation that are more efficient and much faster than ever imagined; and we can communicate with people around the world at close to the speed of light. But, in this world of microchips and touchscreen mobile devices, what is the next great innovation that will shake our world? Is it hover cars, lunar colonies, or telepathic communications? And where will this great new innovation come from? Well, many believe that Idaho will be the birthplace of such an innovation, but it may be a humble compared a city on the moon.

Scott and Julie, Idaho natives, inventors, and…

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As the years have gone on, there have been many new kinds of lawns that homeowners can choose as alternatives, or supplements to their current ones. There are lawns designed to preserve water, lawns that are low maintenance, lawns designed for people with allergies, and even lawns for people who don’t like lawns. Whichever boat you happen to be in, here are a few kinds of lawns that you can choose from in your new home.


Yes, we know, this not very original. But if you are building a home, or are coming into one where the front landscaping was all but derelict, then maybe traditional grass is a good place for you to start. You can choose from dozens of different kinds of grass. There are kinds that are indigenous to your area, ones…

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“We came left… No, right… right?” Have you ever tried your hand at a maze or labyrinth? It is a mind boggling and exciting experience. There is something about getting lost in, and finding your way out of, a maze. Nowadays, there aren’t many large mazes that you can get lost in, but an attraction that has become a great Treasure Valley tradition may be able to give you a taste: Corn Mazes.

History of Corn Mazes

It is rumored that corn mazes began after the crop circle hype of the the 1990’s. The first mazes were started in the mid to late 1990’s in England and the Western United States. They have quickly grown to be a great aspect of agri-business.

Treasure Valley Corn mazes

In the Treasure Valley, there are two large corn mazes…

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Transportation, it is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Without the ability to get from one place to another, one is limited to places they can go. Here in Boise, there is a plethora of ways to get yourself around town. Here we will examine a few of those ways, how you can utilize these methods, and where they are most effective. However, before we start, the type of transportation you use to get around the Treasure Valley is really dependent on your circumstances, so be sure to understand that each of these methods may cost you money and or time that you might need to allocate elsewhere and choose wisely.

Going for a stroll

We know we talked about hoofing it earlier, but, in Boise,taking a stroll is actually not only an…

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Idaho is a fantastic conglomeration of outdoor fun, all kinds of music, and cultural experiences like no other that are perfect for your next vacation. There is nothing better than knowing that wherever you go in Idaho, you are going to have a great vacation. But, where should you go? Where are the best places to visit in Idaho— the best places to go on vacation?

The Rivers

Rivers are another of the most popular reasons to come to Idaho. With the miles and miles of rivers that Idaho has to offer, there are many opportunities for all sorts of fun.

Boise River

There are many different parts to the Boise River, but the one that most people know and love is the part that runs straight through our beloved City of Boise. This river is one…

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If you have ever built a home, or know anyone who’s built a home, then you probably know that the processes is all but easy. There are dozens of decisions that have to be made every day that can affect the home and the buyer’s future comfort. These decisions include things like choosing a design and floorplan, location, and the builder you will hire.

The City of Middleton—the best place to build in Idaho

As far as choosing a location for your home is concerned, check out Middleton, Idaho. As its name suggests, Middleton is a town that is located in the middle of the Treasure Valley. In fact, it is located right between Boise and the old ferry port near Parma along the Snake River. It served as a pit stop for people traveling from Fort Boise…

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