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There are many different facets to the home buying process and mortgage insurance is definitely one you need to understand. If you want to buy a home, then mortgage insurance is a term you have probably heard thrown around by lenders, your real estate agent, and so forth, but what does it mean and why do you need it?

Let’s start with the basics and go over some of the general terms that you will run into when you are navigating the wide world of real estate insurance.

1. MI or PMI: MI is short for Mortgage Insurance and PMI is short for Private Mortgage Insurance. We’ll talk more about these later.

2. FHA: This is short for Federal Housing Administration. This is a government agency that governs all things real estate. From construction to…

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It is fun to look at sprawling estates and tall, architecturally elegant homes. We can sit and view slideshows of mansions and celebrities' homes and drool over the luxury these people have. Microsoft's largest celebrity owns a mansion valued at over $147,000,000, and is over 66,000 square feet. It has 24 bathrooms. Who needs 24 bathrooms? The White House itself has 35. That can be understood, but a private residence? Seems a bit much. Most people dream of owning a large house, but it does not seem likely people dream about owning 24 bathrooms...think of the maintenance work...and the cost!

In the beautiful state of Idaho, there is a fair share of luxurious homes owned by celebrities and successful business persons. You will find a fair share of…

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In the Treasure Valley there are dozens of aesthetic and beautiful new construction neighborhoods and subdivisions. Some of them are luxury homes in the Boise Foothills, some are part of the suburban oasis, and there are even some that make up the urban environment of Boise’s downtown. These homes range from big to small and have a variety of amenities available. Amenities like dine in restaurants, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and even movie theaters. The following list are a few of the most popular and highly coveted new construction areas in the valley.


The Paramount subdivision is located in northern Meridian off of Chinden Boulevard and Meridian Road, and is, by far, one of the most popular subdivisions in the…

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House in Middleton
Nothing quite compares to the emotions during your first purchase of a home, it's exciting, suspenseful, nerve racking, and sometimes stressful. Hopefully, your first experience is a great one, but just to make sure we are offering some key pointers to get you started on the right track.

For first-time home buyers looking into purchasing a home, here is a list of things to consider before signing on the dotted line. We want to make sure that you are getting into a home that fits your needs as closely as possible.

Standard Details

There are, of course, all of the basic details that a buyer wants in a home.  That includes the number of bedrooms and baths.  Does it have a fireplace; how large is the lot; is there a rec or a family room; is there a…

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Idaho is a playground, and you live at the heart of it. You chose to live in Boise, Idaho because it fits your lifestyle. It has all the amenities of a much bigger city, with the easy access to a multitude of outdoor recreational opportunities of a rural city. That’s because Boise, Idaho is the perfect blend of both. It’s filled with entertainment, cultural, and nightlife opportunities, all the while being a great place to live, work, or maybe even raise a family. But after work, and on the weekends, Boise becomes your outdoor paradise, and one of the best playgrounds in the West.

You hit the slopes of the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area in the crisp Idaho winter. With late hours, night skiing, and over 2,500 acres of skiable terrain, it…

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The Boise community is diverse. There are many different aspects of it. There are tons of different neighborhoods, different cultures and different foods. One of these cultures, one of these neighborhoods, is the North End.

Lying just north of downtown Boise, the North End is what is left of Boise’s first ‘sub urban’ area. The plots were divided and arranged for the residents back in the late 1800’s. It was Boise, back in that time. In those city blocks lies the unique history and style of old Boise. The city is doing it’s best to preserve the area, while also allowing people to enjoy living in their historic homes. In order to do this, the city has enacted certain renovation laws for that area. Owners and tenants of houses in the North End…

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There are several ways to add practicality and uniqueness to the design and layout of your home. Many people want to add a touch of personalization to their home style but simply don’t have ideas. Here’s your chance, with several cool, unique ideas to change your home.


A Book Shelf

You’ve heard of a bookshelf, but have you heard about shelves that are made of books? This design is quite simple. Install brackets and studs into a wall, and lay down the books horizontally as the shelving units. You can use it to hold any number of objects -- even more books!

Magazine Rack Display

Why stick these excellent storage units in a doctor’s office when instead they could be used at home? These are unique ways to display your papers, keys,…

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