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Aside from potatoes and football, many people are unaware of the rich history of Idahoans and their contributions to the rest of the world. There are many great people that have grown up in the Great State of Idaho, and here is a brief list of them. For this list, it includes people that were either born in Idaho, died in Idaho, spent a significant amount of their lives here, or specifically claim Idaho as their home state.

Philo T Farnsworth

One of the Idahoans to effect the world the most would have to be Philo Farnsworth. Farnsworth was the inventor of the modern electric Television. Spending his youth on a farm here in Rigby, Philo found a love for mechanics, electronics, and other sciences at a young age. He was even known to take old…

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Every Saturday, Downtown Boise, Idaho comes alive as four blocks of 8th Street transform into the Capital City Public Market. While the Market has grown and changed a lot, it has been around since 1994. Created as a response to other open-air markets, like the Pike Street Market in Seattle, the Capital City Public Market was Boise, Idaho’s answer. The Market is full of wonderful food, vendors, and artists. The best part is that they are all local. That is what the Market is all about: providing a nurturing environment for local producers and vendors to share their wares with consumers, in a face-to-face setting.

All About Local Food

Simply put, local food in this instance is any food that has been grown or raised in the Treasure Valley…

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In the winter, Idaho turns into a snowy paradise, filled with skiing, snowmobiling, and more. Idaho is a state filled with adventure and the rugged beauty of the Idahoan landscape. Just because it’s cold and snowy doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. When the snow melts away, however, the state really comes alive. Especially at the Redfish Lake Lodge, nestled in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains.

You moved to Idaho, seeking a certain kind of lifestyle. And you found it. You don’t want to give up the city, and you don’t have to. Living in the capital of Idaho, Boise, you have all of the amenities of a modern and urban life. But that’s not all that you have. You have incredibly easy access to all of the incredible outdoor recreational…

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Homeownership can be exciting and terrify all at the same time. Buying a house can require a lot of money upfront. However, owning your own home is a great feeling, and often, a great investment. There is one thing you never want to happen, hear or go through when you own a home, though. Foreclosure. For whatever reason, you are unable to make your monthly payments, or maybe you’ve just fallen behind. Whatever the case, you are now going into foreclosure, and in the very real danger of losing your home.

While there are plenty of Idaho organizations and agencies, as well as government programs, designed to provide you with counseling and assistance when going through a foreclosure, you should first try to avoid a foreclosure altogether. This…

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A garage is a desirable part of a house. Many potential homebuyers look specifically for a home with a garage. Not everyone is looking to use their garage as simply a place to park their cars, however. Even then, if you are parking your car in the garage, odds are you will be using that space for storage or an extra work or play area in your house. If that’s the case, you will likely be looking at insulating your garage and being able to cool and heat it.

Now, if you are just going to be parking your car in the garage, you don’t need to worry about air conditioning or heating. Simply put, your car doesn’t need to be air conditioned, and neither does your lawn mower. On top of that, adding air conditioning to your garage can be a big mistake. It can…

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Over the last few decades, gardening has become more and more popular. It is a pastime that has not only helped people save money, but has also helped them come get more in touch with the great outdoors. Especially here in Idaho, the gardening craze is strong and alive. Many people have found bounteous reasons for why they love gardening both financial and physically, but, if you are like many Americans, having a garden may be hard (or even impossible) due to space restrictions. Even here in Idaho, there are many apartments and homes that have little to no space for plants. However frustrating as it may be, there are still some ways that you can maximize the space you do have, even if it is inside your home.

Branch Out From the Traditional…

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Nothing beats waking up to a crisp and clean Idaho morning. The fresh mountain air, the song and sounds of waking wildlife, and the incredible and expansive scenery just outside of McCall, Idaho. You made the great decision to buy a home and live in Idaho, so why not take advantage of this incredible state? And a beautiful high mountain lake will provide you with the perfect chance to break out your mountain bike and hit the trail. You’ll see the incredible natural scenery of Idaho, encounter the wildlife, and even see the remnants of B-23 bomber that went down in the timber.

Loon Lake has it all. And the Loon Lake Loop is an adrenaline pumping bike ride spanning 10 miles as it weaves you through diverse terrain around the lake. You are…

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