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These days it is quite common for the average American to move several times in their lifetime. In fact, according to the Census Bureau’s website, Americans are likely to change residence an average of 11.7 times. This means a lot of time and money is spent on prepping and selling homes so, in order to save time and money, it is important to take the time to learn about the home selling process. Now, there is a lot that goes into selling homes, not to mention a lot of study and research into the psychology of it all, and it cannot be learned from one article (or even two). To help speed along the process, hire on a licensed and experienced real estate agent. They will be able to help you through the process.

This article is designed to be a brief…

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Sandpoint, Idaho has been called the “most beautiful town in America” by Rand McNally and USA Today. When you visit, you’ll understand why. The town sits along the shores of the 43-mile long Lake Pend Oreille, surrounded by the Selkirk and Cabinet Mountains. Sandpoint is an Idahoan’s paradise. You’ll find a multitude of outdoor recreational opportunities for every season, as well as a rich and thriving arts and cultural community. At the heart of Sandpoint, Idaho, you’ll find the Bonner County History Museum, where you can discover the history of the area, and see how it has grown and changed.

When you watch the history of Northern Idaho come to life right before you, you know that the Bonner County History Museum is something special. It’s a…

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Selling a home is already hard enough, but when you have to declutter your home as well, it can be emotionally taxing at a whole new level. There are many reasons that we as humans don’t like to get rid of our stuff sometimes it’s because we don’t like to let things go to waste, sometimes it is because we are attached to the stuff, and sometimes it is simply because of the lack of direction associated with decluttering. This article has just a few tips that might help you get started, but if you need more help, contact a professional. There are professional organizers that can help you to get your home in order if need be.

How much should I get rid of?

This is a big one when it comes to decluttering a home. There are many different opinions…

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You may have asked yourself this once or twice, ‘why should I hire a real estate agent to sell my home? Can’t I just sell it myself?’ The answer is yes, you can sell your home yourself, however, by not hiring a real estate agent, you are forfeiting many great benefits that can save you time and money. By choosing not to sell your home with a real estate agent, you are denying yourself access to a well of information, experience, and contacts. But what specifically are the benefits of hiring an agent?

#1 They can represent you

When you sell your home, there are miles of paperwork, seemingly endless negotiations and more. With a real estate agent, you have someone to take the brunt of that for you. They can help you through the…

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All it takes is a drive outside of any city in Idaho, and you’ll know what most of the state is about. You’ll find farmland and fields everywhere. And of course, you’ll see it on every Idaho license plate: “Famous Potatoes.” While potatoes are one of Idaho’s claims to fame, that’s not all there is to Idaho.

A lot of people come to visit Idaho because of the plentiful recreational opportunities that are abundant here, as well as the beautiful scenery, like in the Sawtooth Mountains. And plenty of people decide to call Idaho their home. For good reason, because Idaho is a great place to live. It’s beautiful, clean, and has a relatively moderate climate, although winters may be a bit shocking for new residents.

But, that’s not all that’s…

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Buying your first home can be a nerve wracking experience. There’s a lot involved, and you might even be worrying about how to tackle any repairs or issues that will arise with homeownership. When you buy a house, that in itself is a large expense, but your expenses aren’t over. What do you do when the water heater stops working?

These are problems that you will face even if you are selling your current home to buy another. You want to be able to protect not only your home, but your finances as well. Many homebuyers decide to buy a home warranty policy, which provides that protection. Depending on the warranty plan, everything from home electrical and plumbing systems to your air conditioner could be covered. While the upfront cost can be a…

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If you’ve ever thought that Boise was for the birds, then you were right! Birds are big in Idaho. Aside from the birds of prey protection area, there are also dozens of different species of birds that call Boise home. So, if you are in to birds, come enjoy what Boise has to offer.

Birdfeeders are big in many communities and Boise is no exception. Boise’s plethora or birds makes it easy for even armchair bird enthusiasts to appreciate these beautiful specimens. For this reason there are many kinds of birdfeeders that you can buy and put in your yard to attract them—however, why spend a lot of money on something that you can make with simple items around your home? The following is a list of do it yourself ideas for simple birdfeeders that will…

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