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Among the many marketing tools that a real estate agent has in their toolbox, the open houses is one of the most rewarding for everyone involved. In Boise, open houses are everywhere. If you look up and down the streets over the weekend, there are plenty of signs that decorate the street corners, directing possible home buyers inside. However, there remains a few questions in a homeowner's mind when preparing for an open house like ‘when is the best time to have an open house?’, ‘what can I do to make the open house more successful?’, and ‘how do I advertise an open house?’. If these are the same questions that have been buzzing around your head, do not despair, we have the answers.

First, however, it is important to note that your real estate…

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There are plenty of tricks that you can use to create the illusion that a room is larger than it really is. A really good way to make a small room appear larger is by using all of the natural light that you can, or getting creative with artificial lights, and even mirrors. Cutting the clutter out of the room can make a big difference as well, as does arranging furniture to fit the room, instead of trying to make the room fit the furniture.

But are those the only ways to make a small room look and feel larger? Color plays a vital role in how you see the size of a room. If the colors are too dark, especially on the walls or ceiling, it can actually make the room look even smaller than it really is. White is always a great choice to use for…

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Buying a house today is nothing like buying a house twenty, or even 15 years ago. We have changed how we access information, and gone are the days of having to visit with a real estate agent to see the listings in your local market. Now, you simply use the internet to search for a home, and possibly even to buy your home.

Millennials are the generation of technology. Many have grown up using smartphones, computers, and social media for nearly everything. The real estate market has shifted, and it is nothing like your parents’ real estate market. Information is easily accessible, and getting preapproved for a loan online is commonplace. However, as the real estate market changes with the generations, there are some important things to keep in…

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When you are buying a home for the first time, it’s easy to make mistakes. You have never bought a house before. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of homeownership, but you will need to remember that owning a home is more than just paying a mortgage. And you don’t want to fall into the trap of looking for houses first, and then finding financing. Not only might you lose out on the house, but you might find out that you aren’t approved for enough a loan to buy the house that you want.

Don’t worry; buying your first home can be a great experience. You just need to take it slow, do your research, and ask for help when you need it. Here are four mistakes first-time homebuyers can make, and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: More Than a…

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The helicopter has dropped away out of sight, and you can no longer hear the thumping of the rotors. Moments ago, the helicopter touched down on the top of the mountain in a flurry of powder. You stepped out onto the top of the world with your gear, and in a whirlwind of snow, the helicopter departed. Now, it’s silent. You can see for miles, and the clear blue sky is inviting. But not as inviting as the untouched powder down the mountain that’s calling your name. As you strap on your skies with the rest of the group, your guide gets ready to lead you down the mountain. And you can’t stop smiling.

It feels like the world is yours. Your group is alone on top of the mountain; the entire slope is yours and you can’t wait to carve it up with your…

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When you buy a house, the last thing that you want to do is spend a lot of money taking care of or fixing unexpected problems. Buying a house is already a big decision and a huge financial commitment. You don’t want to get stuck spending even more money than you have to, especially when you weren’t planning on it. To keep your potential home from turning into a money pit, use the tools and resources that you have available to you.

Use a good and local real estate agent. Their knowledge of the market will be invaluable. A home inspection is a must to uncover any potential surprises. Plus, it never hurts to do your own digging when looking at homes. Here are five money pit signs that you’ll want to look for, so that you can avoid them.

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The housing market has changed. Now, you can find a house entirely online, sign important documents on your cell phone, and even get preapproved for a mortgage completely online. As the housing market changes and evolves, it only makes sense that the American household, and people that are buying houses, are changing and evolving as well.

Single Doesn’t Mean Condo

Just 10 years ago, if you were single and looking to buy a house, odds are you were strongly pushed into looking at a condo or a townhouse. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Buying a condo or townhouse typically involved having a homeowner’s association that took care of most of the maintenance. You could enjoy the financial and tax benefits of owning a home without having to mow…

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