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By now, you’ve seen the construction downtown. It’s been a massive undertaking, and it’s been going on since January of 2012. Roads have been closed, and massive machinery has been making a lot of noise, but for now, you’re going to have to keep waiting. Construction of the new event and community center, JUMP, or Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, is taking longer than expected. But, it’s not going to take too much longer. While they’ve missed their spring/summer of 2015 deadline, everything is now on track to be completed and open in spring of 2016.

Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to keep dealing with lane closures on 9th, 11th, and Front streets until next spring. Myrtle Street’s closed lane should be opening sooner, although there’s still no…

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If you're considering Boise, Idaho for your next move and your beloved doggie is a high priority, you'll love the dog friendly atmosphere of Boise, with several outlets for you and your dog to enjoy life.

Off leash, dog friendly parks include:

Morris Hill Park at 10 Roosevelt St, offers a 1-acre grassy fenced dog park with mulch ground cover, a picnic shelter, picnic tables, benches, trees, and a drinking fountain for your dog. There are also fire hydrants and dog toys, and mutt mitt dispenser and trash cans to aid in picking up after your doggie.

The Military Reserve at 750 Mountain Cove Rd has a dog off-leash area located at the entrance to the Military Reserve, at the corner of Reserve St. and Mountain Cove Road. Everyday from sunrise to…

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When you’re in the market for a new home,
 you’ll have a whole host of possibilities for layout, choices for amenities, and decisions for you to make together about what you want to include in your home.  You’re starting from scratch, so you should aim to get everything you’ve been wanting.  Go ahead! is a beautiful place and you’ll want a beautiful home to fit right in.

The weather can get chilly sometimes, and what better way to survive the cold than snuggled up in front of a roaring fireplace?  In fact, there’s not really a good reason why you shouldn’t get a fireplace in your home– it just makes sense!  You’ll be surrounded by the lush greenery and woodlands of the American west. 

But then you need to decide what kind of fireplace—gas or…

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Do you want a backyard where your son can practice football…with his whole team?  Do you want to be able to throw a ball and have your dog run out of energy on the first “fetch”?  Do you want to have your own garden and grow your own vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, and anything else you can think of to cook?  If you've dreamed of a yard like this, look no further.

Whether you’re interested in a certain area for your newest home, you’ll have no problem finding the expansive yard you've always dreamed of.  A beautiful, majestic yard full of natural wonders and immense greenery, even the most inexperienced thumb will turn green at the sight of the grass and acreage their yard offers. 

Are You Prepared For A Large Yard 


With real estate…

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Boise is a beautiful city. Not only is it the largest city in Idaho, it’s also this great state’s capital, and it’s nestled in the stunning Treasure Valley. The location provides its residents, and visitors, with some amazing opportunities to head outside and explore the beautiful wilderness and hills that surround Boise. If you’re looking for Idaho real estate that has a city big enough to meet your needs, while also allowing you plenty of opportunities to hit the slopes and ski, or take to the hills on a mountain bike, Boise has it all.

Home to the Boise Foothills, this area offers some of the best mountain biking in the Treasure Valley. In fact, Hyde Park, the historic urban retail section of Boise’s North End, is known as the headquarters for…

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As you reach the top of the hill, you pause to look back down the trail. Below you, you can see the beautiful green grass of the rest of the park, dotted with trees. But the trees don’t stop at the park. They spread far into the horizon, with the occasional house or building peeking through. You’re looking out over the beautiful community of Boise’s North End and Hyde Park. From the top of Camel’s Back Park, you have an incredible view of the city, and the surrounding foothills. This park is a favorite of Boise’s residents, and for good reason.

The views are incredible, the hiking along the trails is magnificent, and Camel’s Back Park is bursting with fun activities that you can participate in year round. Being able to head outside and enjoy the…

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The Boise Foothills are a great place to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery of southwestern Idaho. It’s located near the city of Boise, and you can actually start some of the trails directly from Boise in Hyde Park. The proximity and ease of access from Boise makes the Boise Foothills a popular place for anyone looking to take a trek out into nature.

While the Ridge to Rivers trail system in the Boise Foothills is an incredible place to head outside and hike, run, bike, or go horseback riding, there are some rules and guidelines to keep the trail system in good condition, and to protect the natural habitats of animals and plant life. The Boise Foothills are a large natural preserve, and the etiquette ensures that everyone can share the…

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