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So, you have finally done it-- you have decided to sell your home. You probably are relieved that you have finally gotten to this point, but you may be asking yourself, ‘what now?’. Well, once you have found a real estate agent, it’s time to prepare your home to be shown. Your home can be shown to prospective buyers in many ways, but the one that needs the most preparation and the most work is an open house. Like the name suggests, your home will be open for the public to tour and see. This can be a great opportunity to advertise your home, but there are some key things that need to be done before you start inflating balloons and setting up signs. 

Go in with a plan 

Like most ventures, an open house is an event that takes a great amount of…

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Sitting at the end of a grand processional that cuts through the City of Boise, is the Idaho Capitol Building. This grand building sprawls hundreds of thousands square feet, and the prominent dome soars over 200 feet into the air. Atop it, a massive golden eagle watches over Boise and keeps the seat of Idaho’s government under its protective wings.

Living in Boise, you’ve probably seen the Capitol Building and it’s impressive architecture. If you’ve just visited Boise, odds are you’ve probably seen the building as well. It’s a worthwhile visit whether you live here, or are just passing through. If you live in Idaho, you might consider taking a trip to Boise, just to see the Capitol Building, where our state government resides.



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Old Idaho State Penitentiary

There was a time when these cells were full. The voices of guards and inmates carried down the halls, mixing with the iron bars and doors closing. The inmate sitting in silence and darkness, locked away in solitary confinement. Or the telltale sound of an iron ball and chain dragging across the ground, locked to an inmate’s ankle. The cells were cramped and barren. Even the guards weren't afforded much luxury. The cells have long since been empty, and the cell blocks and halls are now silent. Today, people fill the old prison, but they aren't inmates.

The Old Idaho Penitentiary is well over one hundred years old. But it still stands, a testament to more trying times, and a different kind of criminal. It was built in 1870. The first inmates entered its…

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Yellowstone National Park. Even if you haven’t been there, odds are you’ve heard of it. The beautiful national park is renowned for its majestic views, geothermal hotspots, geysers (especially Old Faithful), and the beautiful colors of the hot springs. But did you know you could kick off your Yellowstone National Park visit hours before you get there? There’s a wonderful wildlife park that’s right on your way. If you’re heading up to Yellowstone along Highway 20, which is a very common route, you’ll pass by an Eastern Idaho gem that’s well worth the detour.

Just past Idaho Falls, and five miles south of Rexburg, is Yellowstone Bear World. In terms of driving, it’s not even much of a detour. It’s right off of Highway 20, sitting next to the highway and…

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In Eastern Idaho, nestled between Idaho Falls and Rexburg is a quiet little town. Highway 20 cuts right through its heart, and carries travellers on their way further North to Yellowstone National Park, or elsewhere. But this little town is full of history, and it holds a marvelous secret. Only it’s not a secret. It’s listed right on the sign that welcomes you to this town. The sign simply reads, “Rigby. The Birthplace of Television.” I know, you might be wondering how a small town in Idaho could ever claim to be the birthplace of television, or if it could even be true. Simply put? It is true.

While Philo T. Farnsworth, the father of television, wasn’t originally from Idaho, it was the time that he spent in Rigby that lead to his great invention of…

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The sun is just rising, peaking through the green forest. It has not yet burned away the morning mist. Moose, deer, and other wildlife, are drinking from the river. Just feet away, the water drops away, plummeting over 110 feet, and crashing into a brilliant rainbow spray. The thundering roar of the waterfall can almost be felt. After all, you’re only a few feet from the top of the waterfall yourself, safe on the viewing deck. It’s an awesome experience. Tucked away from civilization, this part of the Henry’s Fork of Snake River is almost pristine. It’s virtually untouched; a hidden gem. So here you are, feeling the awesome power of unbridled nature. But don’t get settled in just yet. This is only one waterfall. There’s still another one just down the…

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A cool Southeastern Idaho breeze rolls down from the mountains. The sun has set, and the sky is clear, creating a perfect scene of the stars stretching from horizon to horizon. The cool breeze feels good, wafting steam over you as you relax, enjoying the beautiful Idaho weather at night. It’s a little chilly, but you are warm and comfortable, soaking in the wonderful hot pools. Apart from a little splashing from people getting in and out, and the general chatter, it’s a peaceful night, and you are enjoying yourself. You could soak here forever it seems.

Welcome to Lava Hot Springs. Or, I should say, welcome to the hot pools in Lava Hot Springs. The hot pools are the main attraction in this small Idaho town, and it’s little wonder. They have a variety of…

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